Which Canada Immigration Options to Pursue, if Your CRS Score is Not Sufficient?

It is a proven phenomenon that all the Canada Immigration aspirants primarily choose Federal Skilled Canada Express Entry system for their Canadian dreams. But low CRS Scores can often come as a speed-breaker to your aspirations which leads to the infinite waiting period for Canada PR Visa. To the dismay, since January 30th 2019 the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System Cut-off scores for Express Entry draws have been 450 or above. Nonetheless, if you are aware of alternate pathways to permanent residence, then you can cross any hurdles to reach your destination.

As per the federal government immigration statistics, Canada’s provincial programs are projected to permit 61,000 newcomers in 2019. Along with the Canada PNP figures, federal skilled worker program is also expecting a target of 81,400 newcomers through Express Entry. Here you have options for Canada Immigration, by focusing on Canada PNPs along with Canada Express Entry.

Below are some of the Alternative pathways and programs to choose, if your CRS Scores are running low:


Upon acquiring provincial nomination, eligible candidates are subjected to receive additional CRS 600 points which will guarantee the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency in the next Express Entry draw. All the Canada PNPs operate with the Canada Express Entry linked streams wherein some streams run with minimum CRS scores as compared to the Express Entry CRS draws and other streams do not require any minimum CRS score. Below is list of Canada PNP you can choose from:

Canada’s Provincial Programs

    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland
    • Nova Scotia
    • Ontario
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Saskatchewan

Alberta: The province Alberta has conducted a total of 22 draws in the year 2019, out of which 9 draws displayed the lowest CRS scores ranging from 301 to 303.  All the candidates with scores in the range of 300 to 303 essentially received the Provincial Nomination from Alberta. In the same scenario, receiving ITA via a federal government draw seems impossible with 301 to 303 CRS scores.

Ontario: Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream has dropped their CRS scores to 435. Other Ontario Express Entry-linked streams such as French Speaking Skilled Workers and Skilled Trades, have no minimum score requirement for Ontario PNP.

British Columbia: British Columbia conducts the maximum draws with 34 in total through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program in 2019. This figure is almost the double of 17 Express Entry draws conducted by the federal government.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan: Both the provinces conduct regular and huge draws targeting at the Express Entry system, as well the direct provincial streams providing maximum Canada PR Visa to newcomers.


If you have tried all the options but couldn’t find success, never lose hope as you may find silver lining in the darkest hours. You can enter Canada with a two-stage pathway, first apply for Work permit to Canada and start working in Canada, then afterwards apply for Canada Permanent Residence. As a matter of fact, Canadian experience improves CRS scores by a huge margin.

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If you are a Skilled Professional but you are ready to invest in a Canadian Company, then you may consider the option for Permanent Residency by Investment. Canada has diverse options for business investors aspiring to enter Canada. You may also Buy a Business and manage it, if you have the necessary qualification.

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