Accountants and Auditors – A Top Choice for Australia PR!

Accountants and Auditors – A Top Choice for Australia PR!

There has always been a demand for accounting and auditing professionals in Australia. The
pandemic has made skills shortages in these occupations even more critical, making it easier for
skilled foreign workers with the required qualifications to apply for Australia PR. As per a survey
conducted in April by CA ANZ, there were 888 auditor vacancies in the 16 leading professional
services firms. There are also consistent vacancies for accountants across the country.

Since these are highly in-demand jobs in Australia, they offer very rewarding annual salaries – on
average, AU$58,858 for accountants and AU$55,695 for auditors. People belonging to these
occupations also score high on the Australia PR points calculator, as they usually have high academic
qualifications and good English language skills. This increases their chances of visa approval. They
can also avail of priority processing under specific visa categories if they have a valid job offer.

Some of the occupations that are most urgently in need of immigrant workers are listed below.
While conducting a job search, keep in mind that many job titles can fall under one occupation

●ANZSCO 221111 – Accountant (General)
●ANZSCO 221113 – Accountant (Taxation)
●ANZSCO 221112 – Accountant (Management)
●ANZSCO 221213 – External Auditor
●ANZSCO 221214 – Internal Auditor

To find out more about the skills and qualifications required for practicing these occupations in
Australia, and lawfully plan your journey to Australia PR, consult India’s most seasoned immigration
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