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All About Australia 491 Visa explained well!

Today, we shall be speaking about the Skilled Work Regional visa requirements, also known as the Australia Subclass 491 visa. The 489 Visa replaced this visa on the 16th of November, 2019. The 489 visa is basically a temporary visa that allows you to reside in Australia for five years. Since this is a skilled visa, Australia will assess you based on the contribution of your skills to the economic growth of the nation.

Here are some interesting facts about the 491 visa:

•Required to have an occupation that matches the local market needs of Australia. Different skilled visas have their list of eligible occupations.
•You will need to live longer in a designated regional area (out of the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane) physically since it is a longer route to Australia permanent residency.
•You must score and attain at least 65 points on the General Skilled Migration Points Test based on age, educational qualification, skilled work experience, specialist educational qualification, Australian study requirement Professional Year in Australia, Credentialed community language, Study in Study in regional Australia as well as Partner skills.
•You get an additional 15 points if you apply for sponsorship under the new 491 visa.
•Access to Medicare, which is Australia’s health insurance, permits you to have rebates and see certain doctors for free.
•You can apply for a 491 visa under either the Family-sponsored Stream, which needs a relative to sponsor you, and the State nomination stream, wherein the state sponsors.

Family-sponsored Stream State-Sponsored Stream
Should have an eligible relative residing in a designated regional area can sponsor for 491 visa. Should be nominated by the state as per the local labor needs of that designated regional area. Each state has a different set of accepting requirements.
There is no access to the broader list of 491 occupation lists but will have the same one as Subclass 189 visa. This big nomination list is reserved for the one selected by the state for nomination. There are additional requirements by the state and the one set by the Australian immigration department.

Requirements for Family and State streams of visa:

•You need to be under 45 years at the time of invitation
•Getting a minimum of 65 points on the points test is enough to get Invite by the Department of Australia immigration to apply for a 491 visa. For family-sponsored streams, applicants are chosen based on the highest scores.
•Your English language test scores determine your level your proficiency. Additional points are awarded if you are at a superior or proficient level, but no scores for competent level. These test results must be within three years from the time you have received an invitation.
•Meet health and character requirements which means no serious illnesses that can strain the health system. Character means no conviction of a serious crime. Traffic offenses are an exception.

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