Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Application Completeness Guidelines for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

It is a well-known fact that all eligible immigration candidates must submit a complete visa application, including all necessary documents, processing fees, and signed forms to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO). Submitting an incomplete application can lead to automatic rejection. In addition to meeting the document checklist requirements, candidates must also meet program-specific needs for various immigration pathways, such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

The AIPP, which allows employers in Canada’s four Atlantic provinces to endorse foreign workers for permanent residence (PR), requires a completeness check which includes verifying that the candidate is listed on the monthly endorsement spreadsheet by the Atlantic provinces to the CIO. The applicant must submit a complete PR application on or before the endorsement’s expiry date; only then is the approval considered valid.

If the endorsement expires while the application is being processed, the approval does not need to be extended. If the candidate does not apply before the acceptance expires, the province may not extend the endorsement, but the region could issue a new endorsement. If the candidate is in Canada at the time of applying, they must prove temporary residence status.

Once all the completeness criteria have been fulfilled, the CIO enters the application information in the Global Case Management System, recovers the fees, acknowledges the receipt of the application, and starts processing the application. At this stage, the processing fees are no longer refundable. In case of incomplete applications and applications received after a province’s maximum application allotment has been reached, the CIO records the application outcome and reasons, returns the application, refunds the fees, and informs the candidate.

The lock-in date for the age-dependent children, i.e., the date on which the provincial authority receives the endorsement application from the principal applicant, is mentioned on the monthly nomination spreadsheet sent by the province/territory to the CIO. The applicant must also consider it.

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