Application Process Guide for the UK Skilled Worker Visa

Application Process Guide for the UK Skilled Worker Visa

On 1 December 2020, the UK government introduced several key changes to its immigration system, which include the introduction of a new points-based system and a Skilled Worker visa route (replacement of the Tier 2 visa scheme). The skilled worker visa allows skilled foreign workers to come to the UK to take up a job, with a salary of at least £30,000. If you are wondering, how can I apply for a skilled worker in the UK? For that, you must have a valid job offer and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer. Moreover, your occupation needs to be on the Skilled Worker eligible occupations list. Having work experience in any occupation listed on the Skilled Worker eligible occupations list will make it easier to score sufficient points under the points system.

Why migrate to the UK?

  • The United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world.
  • No language barriers and immense study opportunities encourage people to move to the UK.
  • The UK has relatively high numbers of migrants in comparison to other EU countries.
  • Access to free healthcare for permanent residents
  • The United Kingdom is home to the world’s top universities
  • A degree from a reputable university in the UK is acknowledged worldwide
  • Strong economic growth is helpful for business expansion.

Different pathways to settle in the UK 

The United Kingdom is made up of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. All these countries offer tremendous opportunities to qualified workers to become part of the UK’s growing labor force. People seeking permanent residence in the UK must first come as temporary residents and then meet eligibility requirements for an indefinite leave to remain.

Below are some of the most common pathways to settle in the UK

  • With a valid job offer
  • Apply for a student visa (Tier 4 visa)
  • Immigrate as an investor
  • Launch your startup in the UK
  • Married a UK citizen

How to apply for the UK skilled work visa

Please refer to the following steps to apply for the skilled worker visa UK:

Step 1-Check if you are eligible

Before you jump into the process, check if you need a visa and if yes, then what type of visa you need. To apply for the skilled worker route, you must have a valid job offer letter from a UK-based employer. Approved employers are known as ‘sponsors’.

Step 2- Check your skilled visa eligibility

For this step, you must have a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer. To find out if your job is eligible, ask your employer for your 4- digit occupation code. You can check the table of eligible jobs to see if your occupation is one of them. In the same step, you must prove your English language skills to a specific level.

Step 3- Apply for your visa

Now it’s time to apply for your visa online within three months of getting your sponsorship certificate. You’ll need to submit a range of documents to show that you meet the basic eligibility requirements.

Once you’ve applied online, you’ll usually get a decision within 3 weeks if you’re outside the UK and within 8 weeks if you’re inside the UK.

Step 4- Pay the fees

Applying for the skilled worker visa UK requires you to have sufficient funds to pay the application fee, ranging from £610 to £1,408 depending on your circumstances. You will pay a lower fee if your job is on the occupation shortage list.

Additionally, you will pay the healthcare surcharge, which is £624 per year. You must also have at least £1,270 available to manage your expenses in the UK. Your partner and children can also apply and will also need to pay costs.

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