Australia PR Visa May Switch to a Demand-Driven Immigration

Australia PR Visa May Switch to a Demand-Driven Immigration

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the upheaval caused by it has compelled the Australian government to bring notable changes to its existing immigration system to boost its economy and curb labor shortages across several industries. If you are wondering what are the requirements to migrate to Australia in 2023? You must brace yourself as new changes might come this year in the Australian immigration system.

The government of Australia is currently planning an overhaul of its skill-based visa program, where skilled occupation lists play an integral part in inviting foreign workers. Under this new regime, the skilled occupation list might be omitted and some visa categories also get slashed to pave way for a demand-driven immigration system, where businesses will have a significant part in identifying the labor market gaps and jobs needing more workers.

The demand-driven immigration program also aims to fill job positions where no Australian resident or citizen is available. It means that the program will consider the demand for a specific occupation rather than just a foreign skilled worker.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil tabled this idea recently amid a historic worker shortage in the country.

With this initiative, the government aims to accelerate economic growth and business productivity. The execution of the demand-driven immigration system will allow unions and industries to have a say in finding ways to protect the rights and interests of foreign workers.

Another reason for this change is triggered by Australia’s long and complicated processing system of 15 months, making it a challenge to attract the much-needed workers. Many skilled professionals are finding it hard to migrate to Australia due to prolonged delays in their visa decision.

The policy is supported by many people as they say that abolishing the list would speed up the processing times and help in determining which industry needs a workforce more effectively.

The federal government is still reviewing the idea and will release further information on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Many proponents of the demand-driven immigration system say that implementing this system will also open doors for more foreign investments across Australia.

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