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Canada Immigration in 2020 and further

The impact of COVID-19 did not leave Canada immigration levels as well. The country invited a total of 184,370 applicants in 2020, the lowest number since 1998. Though the year has been grim, but the continued invitations and process from Canada was commendable. No other country had given this much attention to its immigration during the pandemic.

The country was on track regarding its immigration target until March 2020 when the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau announced the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Due to the lockdown and several other restrictions, the number of immigrants in 2020 fell significantly. The flow of immigrants is still low, however, the country is energized to invite more than 400,000 immigrants  through Express Entry system and other pathways or the next three years to make up for the loss.

Canada has never stopped the processing of the applications and neither the immigration was suspended. It continued to invite applications despite the hurdles, though the processing times and number of draws were disrupted. As the country looks forward to invite more and more eligible immigrants, it is obvious that the processing will pick pace and will match the pre-pandemic levels soon.

The latest Express Entry Draw is the biggest example that demonstrates Canadian commitment to achieve its proposed immigration target. The recent draw invited over 27000 migrants that belonged to Canadian Experience Class. This draw is predictive of the future that signifies reduced CRS and big draws for Federal Skills Workers Program as well. The cut-off of this historic draw was as low as 75.

Immigration Minister of Canada is positive regarding the increased immigration targets. Despite the plummeting in 2020, the target is still achievable according to him. The major impact was seen during March to May and since then the IRCC and immigration officials have adapted to the pandemic style of working. The easing of travel restrictions and most importantly the arrival of the vaccine are the major factors that are keeping Canada as well as the migrants hopeful.

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, there can never be a better time as the country is eager to invite interested migrants. Even if you have low CRS and you may have to wait in the pool, it will still be worth it as the CRS will fall below the unexpected levels, the trend suggest. Further, the Federal Government and the provinces are equally active in announcing and inviting migrants.

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