Canada Maintains Top Ranking on Governance, People, Immigration, and Investment

Canada Maintains Top Ranking on Governance, People, Immigration, and Investment

Canada climbs in the second position on the Anhalt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021. Canada marks the ranking history owing to its remarkable governance, Canada immigration policies, and investment. Canada also ranked high on Exports, Tourism, and Culture in 2021. Canada’s international reputation remains stable, achieving an overall ranking of two across several parameters mentioned above. Canada preserved its third rank consistently for the past few years. This year, Canada has risen to the third position across six dimensions of national competence: Exports; Governance; Culture; People; Tourism; and Immigration and Investment.

2021 is the seventh year that Germany has topped the Index for its brand. Around 6,000 people gave their opinions and suggestions on these factors. The report assesses how citizens around the globe view these countries. And, it suggested that Germany tops the ranking of 60 economies for the fifth year in a row in 2021.

The United Kingdom gained a solid reputation because of its commendable contributions to science and technology. Although ranked second last year, it has slipped to fifth in 2021. Canada and Japan compete proudly sit at the third position. The reputation of the United States has begun to rebound across all five categories.

Japan and Italy have shown significant improvements in their Nation Brands Index ranking. The countries gained their scores across Tourism, culture, and people.

Immigrate and Invest in Canada

Canada ranks higher on the grounds of investment and immigration. It clearly shows how well the Canadian government manages its newcomers through Canada PR visa, hires overseas employees, welcomes international students, and supports business investments.  It also depicts people’s perceptions of Canada’s superb quality of life and business culture.

So many people across the globe choose to immigrate to Canada for several reasons. Business is one of them. Canada’s gaining the second position is justified as it deserves it. The country offers several immigration pathways for ambitious foreign entrepreneurs planning to establish their businesses in Canada.

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