Canada RNIP Program made more flexible and welcoming

Canada makes RNIP more flexible and welcoming

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program is offered by Canada so that the economic benefits of immigration reach out to these lesser-known region communities. It is focused upon the welfare of the communities by providing them with the desired labor through immigration. On the other hand, the skilled workers migrating under this pathway become a permanent resident Canada.

To accelerate the program and make it more flexible and inviting, the Minister of Immigration of Canada has announced specific changes to it. He also welcomed the first two practical nurses, who got the invitation under RNIP to Sault St. Marie.

A significant change has been made to the program to ease conditions regarding eligible work experience for a continuous period. Now, the applicants can demonstrate that they have the required one year of experience obtained over three years preceding the date of the application for RNIP. This condition is applicable for the applications already submitted as well as for the future applicants. Therefore, RNIP is on its way to becoming another popular pathway for Canada PR.

With this relaxation, the applicants who have breaks in their work experience are also eligible to apply. This provision is made to increase the applicants under this pilot program as they can use it even if there are breaks in their employment history, such as layoffs due to the pandemic or other reasons. However, all other eligibility requirements are to be fulfilled by the applicants, including the participating RNIP community’s recommendation.

As pandemic is causing delays in the processing, IRCC has given temporary relief to the waiting applicants by allowing them to apply for the work permit while their decision is pending with the authorities. These measures were announced alongside the welcoming of two registered practical nurses to Canada under the RNIP program. The Minister also expressed gratitude for their services towards the patients.

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