Canada permanent resident visa fees from India

Canada permanent resident visa fees from India

Till when will you think of making a move as a Canada permanent resident, when there is no better option for permanent residency that grants you with an opportunity to live as well as work for a longer term?

With a Canada NOC list of the best jobs, Canadian provinces are a melting pot of diverse cultures and a rich history of culture mixed with splendid natural beauty. Even if you do not have a close family member residing in Canada, you still have many reasons to not give a miss to a province.

After all immigrants like you build the cultural and social fabric of Canada, bringing out new colours with cultures, traditions and styles of living. And, Canada needs you more than ever, with a high demand for skilled workers in occupations that require efficiency, skill and exceptional talent.

Applying for residency at an affordable Canada PR visa cost, makes it accessible for you to avail longer term benefits such as free universal education at Canadian public funded schools till the age of 18, after which you are just required to pay subsidized tuition fees at university level.

Not just this with a Canada PR Visa card you have access to universal healthcare services at some of the best Canadian medical institutions and a bagful of social security perks such as employment insurance, public pensions, child aid and support as well as maternity, disability, family as well as housing benefits.

You will be glad to know that 22.3% of the Canadian population identifies as a visible minority and 21.9% as foreign immigrant workers. If you are applying for Canada PR visa via any of the Express entry economic class programs of Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Class, you will be required to furnish the following Canada PR Cost or fees at different stages of the application processing:

  • Processing fee for you and your family members who are included in the Canada Permanent resident (spouse or common law partner or a dependent child)
  • Right of permanent resident fee
  • Biometrics fee (that includes your fingerprints and photographs)

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