Canadian Job Market Analysis for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Canadian Job Market Analysis for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Many newcomers to Canada often find marketing and sales a competitive sector to find jobs or break into. However, many of them lack the knowledge and understanding of the local Canadian market, customer base, and cultural values, which is the most basic requirement for sales or marketing roles.

In Canada, the job market landscape is changing rapidly. Marketing roles have become very specific. Skills that were not necessary to have earlier have now become crucial to grab jobs. Canadian employers have now realized that the talent they are seeking must be ready to put their heart and soul at the job at hand. When evaluating jobs in Canada, newcomers should keep their experience, education, and skills in mind to check whether they fit into the role or not.

Newcomers to Canada are highly experienced and skilled professionals who leave behind high-paying jobs in their home country to start a new life in Canada. However, to succeed in the Canadian job market, they must know that Canadian employers only hire people with specific skills. Marketing and sales are considered two different occupations, which can be further divided into growth marketer, digital marketer, social media expert, SEO specialist, brand marketer, etc.

Occupations are classified as NOC codes that broadly cover all the roles across various occupations that are in demand in Canada. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations. The NOC code is a four-digit number that plays a critical role in your Canada PR visa application process. The NOC code categorizes jobs based on job duties and the type of work a person does.

Understanding the demand for sales and/or marketing roles in Canada

Before you jump into the job searching process, it’s crucial to understand how the Canadian job market works. For this, you may take help from Statistics Canada, publish monthly and annual reports on Canada’s labor market, and provide insight into the most in-demand occupations in the country. Reading these statistics could be an excellent starting point to get an idea about the employment trends in Canada.

You may also explore the sales and marketing job trends in various provinces in Canada on the Job Bank website. Once you open the website, select your chosen province and then scroll down to job profiles. Select sales manager – 0601 to get in-depth knowledge of the sales sector. You can also type your NOC code or job title on the Occupation Trends page for a quick review.

Narrowing down your search

Once you decide on which province you’d like to work in, the next step is to look at specific regions with a demand for sales and marketing professionals. Canada’s Job Bank website is the perfect place to start this exercise.

You can narrow down your search based on cities in a specific province to reach a fruitful conclusion on the website. After selecting the region, go back to the main Occupation Trends page, type your selected NOC code and area to get a detailed analysis of sales and marketing jobs.

On the same website, you can also get information on the skills, education, licensing requirements (if any), or training needed to perform the job. Sales and marketing jobs are not regulated in Canada; however, you still need a university degree or college diploma in business administration or a related field specializing in marketing and sufficient experience in the sales or marketing domain. The exercise will help you make the right decisions during your Canada immigration process.

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