Canadian Labor Market has More Jobs than Ever- Report Says

Canadian Labor Market has More Jobs than Ever- Report Says

According to the Bank of Montreal’s latest labor market report, Canada has more jobs in the post-Covid-19 era than before the pandemic. It is excellent information for foreign nationals planning to immigrate to Canada in 2022.

The Fully Completely Recovered report states that “Canadian employment rose 209k, 000 in (the first quarter of 2022), continuing the strong run of job creation and leaving employment more than two percent above pre-COVID levels”. Considering the news, it’s the right time to work on your Canada PR points and kick-start your immigration process.

Below is a list of the Top Ten Canadian Cities with outstanding labor market performance in the first quarter of 2022:

  • Saskatoon;
  • Guelph;
  • Catharines;
  • Peterborough;
  • Regina;
  • Oshawa;
  • Victoria;
  • Sudbury;
  • Moncton, and;
  • Winnipeg

Cities with the least performance are:

  • Kelowna;
  • Kingston;
  • Saguenay;
  • Windsor;
  • Hamilton;
  • Brantford;
  • Saint John;
  • Trois-Rivieres;
  • Ottawa, and;

In Ontario, employment rose by 84,000 in the first quarter, which is 4.8% rise compared to the last year. The jobless rate is lowest in the francophone province of Quebec, at 4.1 percent, which is also seeing massive labor shortages and desperately trying to lure foreign workers to its shores.

Quebec, the French Province in Canada, has the lowest unemployment rate, at just 4.1%. The province is also experiencing a severe labor shortage across many industries.

Alberta, Canada’s oil and gas industry hub, benefits from record-high fuel prices, with the jobless rate at 4.3%. The job growth potential in Alberta is relatively high.

Almost every province in Canada is witnessing impressive employment growth in the first quarter of 2022. The report says that “Jobless rates are also down sharply almost everywhere (Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador are the exceptions), highlighting that strong conditions are largely a national, not regional.”

Canadian employers want to hire foreign nationals through Express Entry

Canada’s all new Global Talent Stream brings a ray of hope for many employers looking to hire fresh foreign talent by granting of work permits and faster processing of visa applications. Canadian employers are willing to recruit skilled foreign workers through the Express Entry System for job positions for which no local talent is available. Having a job offer in-hand will also increase Comprehensive Ranking System scores for applicants planning to migrate to Canada via express entry.

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements must lodge an Expression of Interest and score sufficient Canada migration points to be able to receive an invitation to apply. 

The applicants’ profiles are ranked against each other using a points-based system known as the Canada PR point calculator. The highest ranking applicants are then invited to submit an official application for permanent residence with full processing fee within 60 calendar days.

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