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Check on these 7 reasons that leads to Canada PR rejections

Many a times, it happens that people apply for Canada permanent residence and it gets rejected due to certain reasons while it could have been avoided easily. The due diligence while filing applications can minimize the possibility of getting avoidable rejections. Here is a list of seven factors that you must ponder upon before filing an application with the Canadian Immigration authorities.

Misunderstanding of the form or instructions

Since you may not be familiar with the application form, you can misinterpret some piece of information, omit somethings or may miss out on some instructions. There can be errors while filling the application which may remain unnoticed from your sight. Therefore, it is very essential to give proper attention to the guidelines and rec-check the form before submitting.

Underlying medical conditions

There are certain medical conditions that Canada considers to be a burden on its overall healthcare system such as Diabetes or Hepatitis A. Therefore, the applicants have to submit a medical certificate from a doctor recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and if an applicant is found to be ineligible in terms of health conditions, then the permanent residency can be refused.

Previous Criminal Background

No nation would want to invite a potential offender to cause trouble to its law and order. Similar is the case with Canada where the applicants must have a clean criminal background from the age of 18 and above from every country where he or she has resided for more than six months. Therefore, if you have any such past records, you may be considered inadmissible for Canada PR.

Missed Deadlines

As an effort to make Canada immigration system faster and smoother, Canada puts up certain deadlines for each and every step of the application processing. These deadlines are clearly notified to the applicants and failing to meet those may lead to disapproval of the application, when there is no substantial reason for the same. Also, it demonstrates insincerity on the part of the applicants to migrate to Canada.

An error by CIC

Though the possibility is very less, there can be some clerical or misinterpretation mistake by CIC which can result in unjust refusal of your application. In this case, an immigration attorney could be of great help where you will be required to present your case with proofs that you have been denied on unjust basis and that you application deserves a reconsideration.

Missing Documents

There is a complete checklist of documents provided along with the application form. The applicants must provide with all the documents in the manner that they have been asked. The failure to do so can result in the rejection of the application. Thorough attention and an organized approach is required to avoid such mistakes.


It is always risky to apply for Canada immigration without having proper understanding and knowledge of the process. There are certain eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled and all the claims made by the applicants must be validated with a documental proof. Therefore half-knowledge can result in the refusal of the application.

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