Five point rule to avoid Canada Immigration Agent scams

A prospective Canada immigrant should check out that his Immigration consultant, whose services they are planning to hire or have hired, meets EACH of the following requirements:

1. Has an authorized representative (Canada Attorney/Canada Notary/RCIC agent) and the name of such an authorised representative is mentioned on their Website and official communication.

2. Retainer agreement provides the name and registration number of claimed authorised representative.

3. Client, MUST sign the form 5476 / engagement letter with the named and claimed RCIC agent/Attorney.

4. Regulations require that the RCIC agents MUST report their overseas agents to ICCRC. Further The name of the overseas agent of the RCIC Consultant must be mentioned on the ICCRC website. If not, then the claimed association is illegal.

5. Any Canada immigration consultant not meeting all above requirements is running an illegal “immigration Consulting” under the college Act and must be reported to enforcement agencies in India and Canada. Abhinav is proud to have always offered services of an authorised representative – either a Canada Attorney or Notary or an RCIC agent.

Are consultants being considered by you or already chosen by you meet this rule? Ask them these hard questions before risking your money and life in the hands of the fraudulent consultants. And if the answer is no, then report them to Indian and Canadian enforcement agencies.

Abhinav is proud to confirm that we meet all the mentioned parameters prescribed for a licensed Immigration Consultant as per Canadian Government Regulations. We have always offered services of an authorised representative – either a Canada Attorney or Notary or an RCIC agent.

Add to this, our biggest USP’s of trust and credibility backed by 25 years of experience; an all India network of 11 offices supported a seasoned team of over 300 and; finally affordable fee plans and there is no reason left for you to sign with any other legitimate consultant in India except ABHINAV.

Do you still need to take services of illegitimate consultants not meeting the 5-point-rule?

Call the undersigned now and start the process without delays.

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