Five Steps to Become a Permanent Resident in Australia

Five Steps to Become a Permanent Resident in Australia

This article talks about five crucial steps you must take while migrating to Australia through General Skilled Migration Stream. During the Australia PR visa process, these steps determine whether you will get your permanent residency visa for Australia. The point system for the Australia PR visa is another essential parameter to assess your eligibility for Australian immigration under subclass 189, 190, or 491 visa.

The process explained may look simple to you, but it’s complicated. We recommend contacting an immigration consultant to get an unbiased assessment of your profile and choose the best visa pathway based on your specific circumstances.

Steps to apply for an Australia PR visa

Nominate an occupation

To begin with, you must identify an occupation that aligns with your previous work experience and qualifications. The Department of Home Affairs Australia publishes a list of in-demand occupations (MLTSSL, STOL, or ROL) that make you eligible to migrate to Australia through the General Skilled Migration visa. It’s highly critical to choose an occupation that matches your work history. One of the best ways to find a suitable occupation is to go to ANZCO Occupation Description, which defines a field based on the skill level and specialization necessary to perform the tasks of the specific domain of that group.

Get your skills assessed

To apply for any GSM category, you must obtain a positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation. The Skills Assessment is crucial to determine whether your education and work experience are at par with Australian standards. Every profession has an individual assessing body. For example- trade occupations are considered by Trades Recognition Australia. Engineers Australia evaluates Engineering Occupations. Please check the designated assessing body for your chosen discipline before starting the PR visa process.

Check State Occupation Lists/ Visa Eligibility Requirements

This step is for you if you are applying for the State Nominated or Regional Nomination Visa. The government of Australia has given authority to individual states and territories to invite skilled workers for migration. Each state has a list of occupations and eligibility criteria prospective immigrants must meet before submitting the application. It makes sense to review the eligibility conditions and occupation lists published by each state to know which professions are in-demand and whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the visa stream.

Lodge an Expression of Interest

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, it’s time to submit an Expression of Interest, commonly referred to as the points-tested system.

To be eligible to migrate to Australia under a subclass 189 visa or any other visa category, you must score at least 65 points in the Skill Select system. This is the minimum score, so the higher the score, the higher the chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply.

You will get points based on age, work experience, English language skills, education, relationship status, etc.

Submit your application

Finally, once you receive the Invitation to Apply or a state nomination, you can submit the official visa application through your immigration account. This process requires you to provide a range of documents, including education, work experience, language proficiency, etc.

Hopefully, this information will help you plan your migration journey to Australia. No matter how simple the above information may look, it’s still important to contact an immigration agent to avoid any mistakes during the process.

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