How do I apply for UK Visitor Visa?

Going to the UK is like going into a history class and coming put with a scoop on every major, political, social or cultural happening. Be it a family trip, a vacation or a business exploration trip UK gives you all the attractions a tourist looks forward to while anticipating a Visit to the UK. For this, you need to first apply for a UK Visitor Visa, being the first step towards you making a plan for a trip to this. But which countries comprise the UK, or in other words what is the UK made up of? Well, the UK is a medley of the whole of the island of Great Britain, which encompasses England, Wales, and Scotland within its fold.

Also, more commonly known as Britain, they have an impressive economic prowess with being the world’s fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and ninth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. What is even more admirable and respectable is the fact that the country has a Human Development Index ranking of 14th in the entire world, along with holding the world’s first country which is so industrialized.

A cultural mecca, United Kingdom gives you all in terms of culture having the biggest and most historic theaters in the world.  You can also be witness to breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty that graces the UK. If you want to apply online outside from the UK for which you need to book an appointment with a visa application center. According to this, your fingerprints and photograph popularly known as Biometric information will be taken during the time of your appointment.

The UK Visitor Visa, is also known as Standard Visitor Visa, which is basically a UK short stay Visa, that is the visa basically created for the national of countries that are based out of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, and express an interest to go to the UK for professional or business reasons. Reasons of visit could range between many reasons:

  •  Tourism
  • Visiting members of the family
  • Medical treatment
  • For reasons that are professional

Within UK Tourist Visa there are two categories:

  1. Short Stay Visa, which is valid up to a period of 6 months
  2. Long Term Visitor Visa, which can vary from 2,5 or 10 years, and can be granted based on the fact that the applicant can submit the proof that the applicant is a frequent visitor to Canada.

You must fulfill these eligibility requirements for UK Visitor Visa:

  • Proof of return on the given date
  • Proof of funds to show financial self sufficiency
  • Proof of the activities you wish to indulge in (personal or business) when in UK

You need to submit certain documents:

  • Valid passport or document of travel
  • Financial statements to show the availability of funds

Also, there is a requirement to submit additional or supporting documents that are mandatory to produce. To avoid the hassle of applying and information regarding documents for UK Tourist Visa, the best way is to take the assistance of certified Immigration consultants in a detailed and precise manner, giving your UK Visitor Visa in no time without any further delay.

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