How long is the EU Blue Card valid for in Germany?

How long is the EU Blue Card valid for in Germany?

If you are an IT professional seeking to move to Germany, you may have heard about an EU Blue Card permit. For those who are not aware of this permit, an EU Blue Card is a residence visa for skilled workers moving to Germany to live and work. The permit is mainly issued to third-country nationals with advanced degrees who hold IT specialists or managerial positions in their home country.

The EU Blue Card can only be granted upon one condition: a valid job offer has been made to the potential applicant. The employment contract must align with the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and salary. The EU Blue Card holder can also apply for permanent residence and family reunification upon meeting specific eligibility requirements.

Who can obtain an EU Blue Card in Germany?

The following eligibility conditions must be fulfilled to qualify for the EU Blue Card process:

  • The candidate must have secured a full-time job offer from a German employer. The position offered must match the skills and qualifications required to permit the job.
  • As per the latest rules of the Germany EU Blue Card, IT workers with at least three years of work experience can obtain the card, even without a formal educational background in this domain. This flexible criterion recognizes the value of your practical skills and experience.
  • Moreover, minimum salary thresholds must be met before applying for the EU Blue card. The job offered must provide you with an annual salary of €45,300 (as of January 1, 2024). However, a group of people can obtain an EU blue card with a lower salary threshold of €41,042. These candidates are mainly included in bottleneck occupations.
  • Present proof of health insurance coverage.


Skilled workers in bottleneck occupations:

Below is a list of professions that are considered a shortage in Germany. Professions in bottleneck occupations can obtain an EU Blue Card with lower salary thresholds. They are:

  • Science professionals
  • Mathematicians
  • Engineering professionals
  • Information technology specialists
  • Information and communications technology service managers
  • Medical doctors
  • Veterinarians
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nursing and midwifery professionals
  • Professional services managers, such as childcare or health services managers
  • Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers
  • School and out-of-school teachers and educators


EU Blue Card for IT specialists without a formal education

  • They must demonstrate professional experience at an academic level.
  • Prove at least three years of relevant work experience in the IT sector.
  • A valid job offer from Germany aligning with your skills and qualifications.
  • The employment contract should be for at least six months.


EU Blue Card- What are the language proficiency requirements?

However, for residency, there are no language proficiency requirements. Most of the time, it depends on the occupation you have applied for to migrate to Germany. For example- for regulated occupations, one must demonstrate a certain level of proficiency. However, the German embassy does not ask you to submit a separate document to prove your language skills.

How long is the EU Blue Card valid for?

The EU Blue Card is generally valid for four years. Initially, the card will remain valid until the duration of your employment, plus an additional three months. For permanent contracts, the blue card is issued for four years.

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