How much money you need as an Austria job Seeker Visa holder

How much money you need as an Austria job Seeker Visa holder?

Non-EU citizens often find it challenging to move to Austria because of stringent visa requirements. Ever since Brexit came into force on January 1st, 2021, UK nationals now have had to navigate through the complexities and bureaucratic requirements that other nationalities have been experiencing for decades. Non-EU citizens, including Indians, Chinese, South Africans, and Americans, need to obtain a residence permit to live in Austria. So, how can migrate to Austria in the year 2023? How many funds do you need to make the next big move? Let’s discuss them all!

There are many ways to get a residency permit in Austria. Naturally, it is not easy for a non-EU national to get into the country, however, it is possible. More often than not, you must prove that you have a connection (a job, or a spouse) with Austria during the work permit process. Moreover, you must show that you can support yourself financially while living in Austria, which is why the country decides a “reference rate” every year.

What are the benefits of moving to Austria?

  • Live, work, and prosper in one of the developed countries in Europe.
  • An extremely high standard of living.
  • One of the safest countries in the world.
  • You need to feel worried about economic and financial crises.
  • Your children will get an education in leading universities
  • The best medical facilities will be available for your family.

Types of residence permits in Austria

A residence permit in Austria can come with both work rights and without work rights. There are multiple categories of residence permits for people looking for jobs in Austria.

A residence permit with no work rights is issued to wealthy individuals and pensioners.

A residence permit with a right to work in Austria can be of two types:

  • A “Red-Card-White-Card” is designed for highly-qualified individuals, representatives of rare professionals, senior managers, business professionals, and foreign graduates of Austrian universities.
  • An EU Blue Card is like an Austrian residence permit that gives the holder the right to work in Austria for two years.

How much money you need as an Austria job visa holder?

According to the Austrian migration authorities, you must demonstrate a “fixed and regular personal income” to cover your living costs without depending on local authorities. At the time of application, the regular monthly income (or contractual salary, in case you are moving for a job) must be equal to the reference rate Ausgleichszulagenrichtsatz.

As of January 1st, 2023, that amount is:

  • For individuals: € 1,110.26
  • For couples: € 1,751.56
  • Additionally, for each child: € 171.31

You will be entitled to social benefits after the issuance of your residence permit.

If you plan to settle in Austria without a gainful employment, you must be financial independent enough to move to Austria. In that case, the monthly income has to be:

  • For singles: € 2,220.52
  • For couples: € 3,503.12
  • For each child additionally: € 342.62

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