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How to Avoid Immigration Fraud for Adoptive Children

Suppose you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen planning to adopt a child from a country outside Canada. In that case, you should be aware that intercountry adoptions are governed by provincial/territorial and federal laws and the laws applicable in the country from where you adopt the child. The overseas adoption process could be hampered by the adoption agencies’ immigration fraud or the adoptive parents’ application mistakes.

Before granting permanent residence to the adoptive child, the visa authorities will ensure that Canada’s Immigration or citizenship requirements have been satisfied. At times, adoptive parents wish to speed up the adoption process without exercising necessary caution. To meet the needs, parents must contact their provincial/territorial government.

Notably, after adopting the child overseas, adoptive parents should only return to Canada with the child once they are confident that their immigration or citizenship requirements are fulfilled. It will help parents avoid unnecessary expenditure and disappointment. In some cases, parents bring the adopted child to Canada without providing sufficient documents about their history or proof of the legal child adoption. It would lead to a visa refusal for the child.

Adoption agencies may submit a poorly prepared visa application for the child and provide insufficient information or documents, leading to refusal, followed by an investigation and re-submission of required documents through the child’s home country’s judicial or adoption system. It is advisable to bring the child to Canada only after confirming that the Canada PR Requirements have been met.

Adoptive parents should also be wary of agencies that promise faster adoption timelines. Also, it is always essential to prove that the child is legally available for adoption in inter-country adoptions. These steps will help parents avoid immigration fraud and start a family in Canada lawfully. For more information on lawful immigration to Canada, contact India’s most experienced consultants by calling 8595338595 or writing to [email protected].

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