How to Get Permanent Residency in Canada from India?

How to Get Permanent Residency in Canada from India?

Do you feel that the costs of living are rising and your salary isn’t enough? Do you think that your children deserve a better lifestyle? Do you believe that the medical expenses and your kid’s school fees are pretty high? If yes, then Canada is the answer to your troubles. You heard it right; it is Canada where you can get everything you desire for.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have started to realize the importance of social and financial security offered by Canada and Australia. The uncertainty of life created by the virus had motivated a lot of Indians to move to Canada as the country did not let its citizens down when they needed support from the government.

What is permanent residency in Canada?

A permanent resident is someone who has been given the right to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada with no limitations. You must carry your PR card or permanent residency travel document when boarding a flight to Canada or traveling to Canada as a PR holder. Permanent residents are not citizens of Canada. They are the citizens of other countries.

International students or temporary foreign workers are not permanent residents.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada

As a permanent resident, you have the right to:

  • Live, work, and study anywhere in Canada
  • get most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage,
  • Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship

Permanent Residency Options in Canada from India

There are several options to immigrate to Canada from India. Indians are the highest recipients of Canada PR visa compared to any other country. Canada’s immigration system allows skilled workers to directly apply for permanent residency if they meet the program’s requirements. They must score enough scores on the Canada PR eligibility calculator to apply for the program.


Here are some of the most popular ways for Indian nationals to obtain Canadian permanent residence:

Express Entry

The Federal Skilled Worker Stream under Express Entry is the commonly used pathway for foreign nationals seeking a permanent residency status in Canada. The program allows individuals with at least one year of work experience to apply for Canada PR from India. It is highly competitive and gives scores to each applicant using a Comprehensive Ranking System score. The express entry selects only the highest-scoring applicants. The CRS point’s calculator gives scores based on an applicant’s age, work experience, education, IELTS score, provincial nomination, arranged employment, and other adaptability factors.

Apart from the Federal Skilled Worker, Express Entry also comprises of the following economic migration program:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program

Steps to apply for the express entry system

Step 1: Complete your ECA

Foreign nationals who have completed their education outside Canada must get their Educational Credential Assessment done by a designated body. An ECA is a process that proves your educational qualifications are equal to the Canadian educational system.

Step 2: Take your IELTS exam

The next step is to take the required English language proficiency test. One must score at least 6 bands in IELTS to qualify for Express Entry. An IELTS exam is valid for two years only.

Step 3: Create your express entry profile 

In this step, you can lodge an express entry profile. While creating the profile, you must enter the details related to your age, education, work experience, language skills, etc.

Step 4: Calculate your CRS score

Once you successfully create your express entry profile, it will be ranked against the profiles of other candidates using a comprehensive ranking system score. Factors like age, qualifications, work experience, language skills, etc. determine your CRS score.

Step 5: Receive your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Selected applicants from the Express Entry will get an ITA from the Canadian government after which they can start the documentation for the PR visa.

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