Investment: The ideal alternative for Australia Immigration

Investment: The ideal alternative for Australia Immigration

It is a well-established fact that the countries supporting immigration intend to benefit the economy through it. Similar is the case for Australia. There are many applicants from India that apply under skilled immigration to be able to work in Australia and settle there as permanent residents. However, one reality that cannot be ignored is that it is not easy to find jobs in Australia. Qualified and experienced migrants have to start with volunteering jobs and are usually underpaid. It takes a while to get an excellent job in Australia as an immigrant.

If you do not have an employer-sponsored visa and do not want to struggle through job hunting after arriving in Australia, investment comes as an attractive option. If you can invest in the Australian economy, you can settle in the nation of your dreams permanently. The Subclass 891 Investor visa serves the purpose here, but to apply for that, you should be a holder of subclass 162 – Investor (Provisional) visa.

To be eligible to stay permanently in Australia as an investor, you should have lived in the past two years out of the four years on the provisional visa. Further, it is necessary to hold the designated investment of AUD 1.5 million for four years. The benefit here is that you save the trouble of searching for jobs and settling for less while you can continue your business and investment activity in Australia. It will also allow you to become Australian citizens in the future.

Again, the provisional investor visa is subject to opening to new applicants. Until the immigration authorities announce a decision, it would be prudent to check your chances on the Australia PR points calculator and consult with an immigration expert on maximizing the points to solidify the possibilities of getting the invitation. One thing about skilled immigration is that it will continue to operate to attract qualified professionals to Australia to supplement the country’s labor demands.

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