Is it so difficult to integrate into Canadian society for a new Canada PR visa Holder?

Is it so difficult to integrate into Canadian society for a new Canada PR visa Holder?

The government of Canada runs several integration and settlement programs to help newcomers integrate well and transit to their new life quickly. So, it is not so difficult to integrate. As a newcomer in Canada, it is also our responsibility to learn the culture and customs of the country. It’s up to us to become a valuable resource to Canadian employers by learning new skills and updating our profile to meet Canada’s labor market expectations. In Canada, newcomers are a crucial asset to the country’s economic and social development. The government also takes care of them and makes sure that newcomers get all the necessary support for their integration into Canadian society.

Newcomers are provided support in various areas, including healthcare, employment, language, accommodation, community integration, and many more. Many settlement services are also geared towards ensuring newcomers stay in the specific province they move to. Sometimes people find it tough to integrate and adapt to a new culture. They can join ex-pat groups and get their help during the integration process.

The lack of Canadian work experience, foreign credential recognition, and language barriers are among the most significant problems in searching for employment during the initial years in Canada. The issue is severe among skilled newcomers. To tackle the same, it is advised to pick up any job you get in Canada, don’t be too picky. It will help you gain some valuable Canadian PR experience. Try to strengthen your language skills (French or English) as it will go a long way in improving your job prospects in Canada. Be a law-abiding resident and always pay your taxes. Learn about your rights and prepare an integration plan for yourself.

It takes some time to adapt to a new life in a new country. Be prepared for a settlement phase of one to two years. Don’t criticize the people around you. Instead, try to learn from them and then make your choices. Canada is a beautiful country that welcomes immigrants from different walks of life. The country will love you back and give you endless growth opportunities if you prove your caliber and become an integral part of its society and diverse culture.

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