New UK Visa Pathway for Indian Professionals

New UK Visa Pathway for Indian Professionals

The United Kingdom has launched a visa route called the Young Professionals Scheme, which will annually allow a maximum of 3,000 Indian nationals aged 18-30 years old to live and work in the UK for up to two years and vice versa. This is a short-stay, multiple-entry UK visa – with a possibility of extending the period of validity.

If the visa holder receives a contract of employment from a UK employer, they can continue their stay beyond two years. The pathway is open to skilled workers, students, scientists, academics, specialists, researchers, experts, those engaged in cultural sectors, people seeking initial professional experience, and businesspersons and start-up entrepreneurs.

Each visa will allow the professional to live and work in the UK for six months and be renewed upon expiry. Applicants must have at least a three-year post-secondary degree or diploma relevant to their field of work and adequate language skills. In addition, Indian professionals must have sufficient funds to support themselves in the UK (at least in £2,530 the bank account).

This UK works visa pathway is an addition to the other pathways that the UK government has announced for students and high-skilled workers worldwide. For example, international students in the UK are now allowed to stay in the country and gain UK work experience for two or more years after completing their studies. Also, the UK has already launched a point-based immigration system for skilled foreign workers.

The new UK visa route is a part of the Migration and Mobility Partnership signed between India and the UK on 4th May. This deal also aims to prevent and combat illegal immigration from India to the UK by deporting Indians who have overstayed their visa validity period. To find out about the detailed requirements and process for UK immigration as a student, worker, entrepreneur, or investor, contact our trained consultants by calling 8595338595 or writing to [email protected].

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