UK Scale-up Visa- Eligibility Requirements, Benefits, and Process Details

UK Scale-up Visa- Eligibility Requirements, Benefits, and Process Details

To attract the best and the brightest talent across the world, the UK has launched a new Scale-up visa to help top UK businesses and employers to recruit skilled workers, including scientists, researchers, programmers, engineers, etc. for vacant job positions. So, what are the eligibility requirements for a UK Scale-up worker visa? This article will discuss all essential details regarding the scale-up visa and how it can be your ultimate key to British life.

The scale-up worker visa was introduced in August 2022 by the UK government to permit foreign skilled workers to move to the UK to work in an eligible job classified as a ‘scale-up business’ for at least six months. The idea behind introducing this route is to make it easier for the fastest-growing UK businesses to hire the most talented workers worldwide. The beneficiary can leave their sponsored role after six months and switch to an unsponsored role.

What are the benefits of the UK Scale-up visa?

  • A “fast-track” immigration route with less time, costs, and complications of acquiring a sponsor license to hire a foreign worker.
  • An unsponsored, points-based route to invite the brightest talent to the UK.
  • Work in a sponsored role for six months.
  • Freedom to leave your sponsored job after six months.
  • Bring your partner and children with you as your ‘dependents’ to the UK.
  • Study in the UK.
  • The Scale-up visa requires a “high skill” job offer from a UK employer with the minimum salary of £33,000.


What are the requirements?

To be eligible to immigrate to the UK under the Scale-up visa, one must:

  • Get a job offer from a UK-based company lasting a period of at least six months
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) from their employer
  • minimum salary requirements of £33,000 per year
  • English language proficiency
  • The applicant must have £1,270 or more in their bank account and must have held these funds for at least 28 consecutive days before applying.


Your certificate of sponsorship must contain the following information:

  • Your name, job position, and salary;
  • Confirmation that you will work for your Sponsor for at least six months;
  • Confirmation that the Certificate of Sponsorship:
    • Has not been used in a previous application that was either issued or refused;
    • Has not been withdrawn either by the Sponsor or denied by the Home Office.


Eligibility requirements for employers

Employers must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • To be called a Scale-up business, the company must demonstrate a growth of 20% or more in either employment or turnover year-on-year for at least three years;
  • Employed a minimum of 10 people at the start of the three years.


Is the Scale-up visa extendable?

Successful applicants under the scale-up visa can stay in the UK for two years, after which they can extend their stay for three years. After five continuous stay, holders become eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). Continuous residence means you must not have been outside the UK for over 180 days in any consecutive year.

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