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Western Australia to Offer Permanent Residency to Skilled Workers and Students in Over 330 Occupations

Western Australia has announced that it will start accepting permanent residency applications from skilled immigrants as part of its 2022-23 migration program. The government has added more than 330 in-demand occupations under the Graduate Stream. Considering this news now is the right time to calculate your Australia PR points and get started with your immigration process.

According to the announcement, the government of Western Australia will grant the state nomination will be according to the ranking system that gives preference to individuals currently living and working in Western Australia, followed by those residing in Australia and overseas.

The program will also give the applicant access to an extensive and upgraded Graduate Occupation List under the Graduate Stream that includes more than 300 occupations.

Key highlights of the announcement: 

  • The latest announcement aims to attract skilled foreigners and international students to Australia’s highly-demanded sectors.
  • Western Australia expands more occupations available in the Graduate stream.
  • Applications for the state nomination under the new Graduate Occupation List will be active next year.
  • International students who complete their graduation in WA will have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.
  • The invitation and having an occupation on the in-demand list will also increase your Australia PR points calculator system scores.

Sue Ellery, Australia’s Education and Training Minister, has said that the government would prefer to invite only a skilled workforce to the state. The inflow of qualified and experienced workers will boost Australia’s economic growth while addressing skill shortages in the country.

As part of the state government’s $195 million Reconnect WA strategy, an additional 194 occupations have been added to the Graduate Occupation List – taking the total number of listed occupations to 331 – to attract more international students to study in the state,” the state government said in a statement.

The expansion of the occupation list will also invite a combination of skills and talents that Australia needs to fuel its economy.

The government of Western Australia has done a tremendous job in reshaping the economy during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The state is also considered a safe and stable place to live, study, and work in Australia. It also offers an outstanding education, healthcare facilities, and employment opportunities.

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