Australia PR Visa

What are the eligibility requirements for Australia Permanent Residence?

Why choose Australia? 

  • One of the Happiest country in the world
  • Better Career Opportunities for Job seekers and Entrepreneurs
  • One of the best Universal Health Care Systems for your family
  • Renowned universities and government-funded primary or secondary schools are free for Australian citizens and permanent residents to attend.
  • Easy way to acquire citizenship.


Obtaining Australian permanent residency (PR) gives you the best opportunity to live a lifetime in one of the world’s happiest countries.

An Australian PR holder can live, work, and study without restriction in Australia.

There are three common paths which can help you to get permanent residency of Australia.

  • Family Stream
  • Work Stream
  • Business or Investor-stream


Below are the basic eligibility requirements for Australian permanent residence: (family-stream permanent visa)

  • Age: 18-44
  • English language: Minimum Competent Score (IELTS/PTE) •
  • Points for overseas experience: Having recently worked for three to eight years abroad
  • Australian Work Experience: If you have full-time Australian work experience in any of the occupations specified in the Occupational list, you can claim points for it.
  • Foreign Education: consists of undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degrees from recognized universities.
  • Education inside Australia: One can claim points for pursuing a course and degree in Australia for at least 2 or more years
  • You can also enhance your points if your partner meets the requirements in terms of age, proficiency in English, qualifications, and skills evaluation results.


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