What surprise does NOC 2021 have in store for migrants in 2022?

What surprise does NOC 2021 have in store for migrants in 2022?

In this fall of 2022, the Canada immigration system will alter the way it classifies occupations. This could affect certain economic class and temporary foreign worker applicants. But, the federal government of Canada has still to communicate as to which kind of foreign workers will be affected by these overhauling changes.

This system of putting occupations in categories is also known as National Occupational Classification (NOC), which are reviewed every year. Also, the Canada NOC List is updated every 5 years to showcase the altering nature of the Canadian labour market.

Since it its upgraded every 10 years, this new edition will be the biggest update since 2011. The new NOC 2021 publication was published only last month by Statistics Canada. The NOC is significant to Canada PR visa as it is utilised by federal and provincial governments to take care of skilled worker immigration programs as well as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

The NOC eligibility criteria should be met by an immigrant or temporary foreign worker for the occupation they are applying for. For example if an applicant is applying under Express Entry, they should showcase their work experience in a NOC that falls under the following codes:

  • NOC 0: Skill type 0 jobs which are mainly managerial
  • NOC A: Skill type A jobs which are professional and shall need you to hold a university degree
  • NOC B: Skill type B jobs which come under skilled trade’s occupations and mainly need you to carry a college diploma or training as an apprentice.

According to an email to the CIC News, IRCC said that it is expected by the federal government to be in a position to launch a fresh way it categorizes occupations sometime in “fall 2022”. This according to them shall provide IRCC with the time to inform their stakeholders about the changes as well as implement a new system across all of their programs

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