10 Facts of Tech Nation -Global Talent Visa

10 Facts of Tech Nation -Global Talent Visa

If there is any place that has made immigration easy for migrants, and permanent residency a boon for then then you cannot miss the name of Australia as the perfect overseas destination for Australia immigration. Inviting more than thousand migrants every year owing to their culture of diversity and a high demand for skilled migrants, there is no place that will make you as comfortable and as well cared of, as Australia.

Well paid pages as well as a high standard of living are some of the factors that inspire immigrants to take an Australia Global Talent visa. Some of the most innovative solutions and a multicultural community are brought in candidates who move as permanent residents with the help and guidance of some of the Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi.

Which is why many talented individuals from overseas nations move here for better opportunities, making them interested to apply for the highly talked about Australia Global Talent Visa. Here are quick 10 facts to help you understand this visa.

  1. It’s a streamlined visa route for highly skilled professionals to work and live permanently in Australia when they come here.
  2. The Australia immigration visa beckons only the brightest and best global talent to work in ten future-focused sectors.
  3. This visa was brought in to the immigration stream with the aim of assistance to the economy by launching innovative skills to high priority industries.
  4. Opportunities for Australian in this aspect will be created by transferring skills, promoting innovation and creating jobs.
  5. The presence of Global Talent Officers are in Australia, London, San Francisco, Singapore, Taipei and Washington DC.
  6. From 2021 to 2022 there are a total of 15,000 places available under the Australia Global Talent Visa
  7. This visa type is divided in to two streams of Global Talent Independent Program Visa (GTI) and Global Talent Employers Sponsored (GTES).
  8. With this visa you receive priority processing
  9. What more it is not a points tested visa
  10. You will not require an Australian employer to sponsor you with a job.

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