Follow these Simple Steps to Land a Job in Canada from India

Follow these Simple Steps to Land a Job in Canada from India

Canada has emerged as a leading destination among Indian skilled professionals seeking a high-quality life abroad in the past few years. Many Indians prefer to immigrate to Canada from India because of promising career opportunities, world-class education, higher wages, and safe and stable life.

If you are an immigration aspirant looking for a job in Canada but not sure how to start, this is the right place for you. In this article, you will learn about job search tips, the Canadian workplace, and how to strengthen your chances for landing a dream job in Canada?

Different ways to apply for a job in Canada?

Newcomers in Canada may get help from the below-mentioned resources with all the information and guidance you need while searching for jobs in Canada.

Immigrant-serving Organizations- Canada has several organizations that help newcomers and international students to prepare for a new life in Canada. These organizations offer services in the following areas:

  • Employment
  • Immigration programs and citizenship;
  • Accommodation;
  • Health care;
  • Community and recreation;
  • Legal services.


For employment, they can help you with resume writing, job search, workshops, training sessions, interview preparation, and many more.

Job Bank- Job Bank is Canada’s most popular and trusted job portal. In this portal, you will find jobs related to your profile along with information regarding wages, labor market trends, in-demand occupations, and educational requirements.

Service Canada- Service Canada is a one-stop destination providing Canadians access to many government services and benefits. On the website, you will find information related to Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan Disability, and Old Age Security.

Moreover, many Canadian provinces and territories have newcomer service agencies to assist you in finding the right job opportunity.

Express Entry

Immigration hopefuls planning to immigrate to Canada must learn about Canada’s express entry system. The Express Entry is an online portal that allows the government of Canada invite highly skilled professionals from different parts of the world. Canada Express Entry makes it easy for IRCC to select the most eligible applicants and grant them visa to come to Canada to live and work. If you want to come to Canada on PR visa, express entry is the best option for you as it is transparent and comprehensive.

How to get a job in Canada from India?


Create an impressive resume

Resume creation is the first step in finding a job. While drafting a CV for Canadian employers, make sure you focus more on skills and core competencies rather than anything else. Canadian employers wish to see how many skills you have and your value to the company.

Your resume should have enough keywords to get the attention of filters and perfectly align with the job duties mentioned per your chosen NOC.

To simplify things, you can take help from an immigration consultant who will help you with their resume writing services to get more responses on your CV.


Choose the right channel to search for jobs

The digital era has changed the way we look for jobs and an employer’s attention. You need to follow a multi-channel approach to maximize the response. With job portals such as LinkedIn and other platforms gaining momentum, connecting with the right employer has become easier than ever before.

Post your resume on multiple Canadian job portals, utilize the potential of social media, and reach out to HR consultants in Canada. You can also apply directly on the company’s website to get attention.


Apply for a PR visa

Having a PR visa or already in the process of Canada immigration can instantly increase your chances of getting a job in Canada. Canadian employers prefer applicants with a valid PR visa or work permit status. If your job is in demand in Canada and you have enough skills and work experience to meet the labor shortage needs in the country, it makes sense to at least apply for a PR visa and then look for jobs.

You can easily increase your probability of getting a job in Canada with the following tips:

  • Networking
  • Volunteer Work
  • Bridging Program
  • Federal Internship for Newcomers Program (FINP)
  • Alternative Jobs
  • Joining a skills upgrading program

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