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58 days of Biden Rule, still no relief on immigration

As soon as Joe Biden took the Oval Office, people started believing in the new dawn of US Immigration. Experts hoped the policies would resemble a sharp contrast to Trump’s policies, but there is no visible difference in skilled immigration policies on ground zero. Though Biden’s approach is different from Trump’s, the existing Pandemic and crippling economic issues have been Biden’s biggest challenge.

Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are demanding more skilled tech/software professionals from India.  These companies believe that the US does not have sufficient tech professionals to meet their requirements. Therefore, they are relied on the H-1B visa process to hire more tech professionals from India. The decision taken by these tech companies had to face severe backlash from the unions and immigration opponents, who argued that these companies are ignoring the regional talents. As per the recent news, Biden delayed the H-1B visa process that will affect the US Skilled Immigration for days to come.

On his first day in office, Biden has scrapped several of Trump’s policies, including the new construction of a border wall. Furthermore, he has also proposed introducing a citizenship pathway for around 11 million people living illegally in the United States. This rule has propelled a drastic spike in migrants seeking to cross into the US illegally. The homeland security and border security forces are dealing with the issue more vigorously than ever. Illegal immigration has always been on the US Government’s radar; even if it’s Biden or Trump, unlawful migration from the borders will be dealt with the same force.

Since the US H-1B Visa is under the scrutiny of several policy changes, the future for skilled professionals is uncertain. The administration is somewhat avoiding themselves to provide a constructive mechanism for the US Immigration; instead, they focus more on internal issues. Due to the absence of clear instructions on immigration policies, the fate of the skilled professionals in India hangs on an infinite loop. Instead of wasting your precious time, you can opt for other immigration destinations with more immigration options. Countries like Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany offer a faster and smooth immigration process.

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