Benefits of Getting a Passport

Benefits of Getting a Passport through Golden Visa

Investment immigration is a highly feasible option for people from varied walks of life, who may not meet the more stringent requirements for skilled immigration. Investors and high net-worth individuals across India have the resources and qualifications to invest in foreign real estate and secure a Golden Visa – and thus enjoy the many benefits of holding a second passport.

Countries across Europe and the Caribbean and Cyprus and Portugal offer rewarding residency and citizenship programs by investment in real estate. These programs are ideal for Indians seeking a permanent solution for their travel and foreign residency requirements.

Visa-Free Travel

Since one of the main benefits of a residence card and passport is visa-free travel to 100+ countries, frequent travelers’ needs are immediately addressed. Dual passport holders do not need to go through the time-consuming and challenging process of constantly submitting multiple visa applications for traveling abroad on business or leisure.


Countries within the EU, which are English-speaking and have world-class universities (such as Ireland), offer residency by investment programs that require low or medium-level investment. Obtaining a visa will allow foreign nationals and their children to study in these countries by paying the same fees that apply to domestic students.

Freedom of Movement

Investing in real estate in European countries like Spain or Portugal allows the residency cardholder to travel freely across the EU Schengen Zone.

Better Quality of Life

The investor, their family, and future generations born in the foreign country can enjoy social security benefits, a higher standard of living, and the ease of doing business abroad if they choose to.

Accessible Options

Indian nationals can obtain a second passport fairly quickly through real estate investment in Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Antigua, Dominica, St. Kitts, Grenada, and a range of other desirable destinations. Investment options start from as low as $600,000.

Get to the USA on an E-2 visa

Having a passport from a treaty country permits you to do business in the USA on an E-2 visa.

Please keep in mind that India does not permit dual Citizenship, and getting Citizenship from another country will require you to surrender Indian Citizenship.

The most critical factor in submitting a Golden Visa application is seeking the correct guidance since these applications undergo several checks and strict scrutiny. Our expert consultants support destination selection, documentation, sourcing funds, identifying a rewarding investment, coordination with local affiliates, and application submission. For more information on these immigration pathways, contact 8595338595 or write to [email protected]

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