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Bring Your Loved Ones to Australia via Family-Sponsored Visas

Do you know that family-sponsored visas comprise almost half Australia’s total immigration intake in 2022? Australian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their relatives or family members to come to Australia. This article will tell you about different family-sponsored visas that Australian residents may opt for to invite their family members to join them Down Under. Though family streams do not require Australia PR points, the sponsor must demonstrate sufficient funds to cover their expenses while their family members are with them in Australia.

According to 2021-22 Migration Planning, Australia has reserved 160,000 places, with half of the visas booked for family class migration. The government has allocated 77,300 permits under the family stream, out of which 72 300 are for partner visas and 500 for other family members.

Subclass 600 – Visitor Visa

Subclass 600 visitor visa- Family-sponsored stream is an ideal choice for those planning to invite their friends or family members to Australia for up to 12 months. The visa allows a family member to visit Australia, travel around, and study for up to three months. The applicant cannot work on this visa.

To sponsor a family member to Australia, you must be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. You must also be 18 years or above. The processing time for subclass 600 is three to six months.

Family-Sponsored 491 visa

The Family Sponsored stream of the Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) is a five-year work visa that allows eligible skilled workers to live, work, and study in designated regional areas of Australia. The holders of 491 visa can invite their families to live with them in Australia. As a Points-tested stream, subclass 491 visa requires applicants to score higher Australia PR points to receive the nomination from an Australian state or territory government or sponsored by an eligible family member living in a designated regional area.

Who is considered an “Eligible Family Member” under the subclass 491 Visa?

To qualify as a sponsor, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Residing in a designated regional area of Australia;
  • an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen; and
  • An eligible relative of you or your partner.

Partner visa

A partner visa candidate applies under subclass 820/801 visa if they are in Australia or subclass 309/100 if they are outside Australia at the time of application submission.

An overseas national may qualify for a partner visa if married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

A Prospective Marriage subclass 300 visa allows Australian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their prospective spouse to travel to Australia. The beneficiary of subclass 300 visa has nine months to marry their partner and apply for a subclass 820/801 onshore partner visa.

Parent visa

There are seven types of parent visas available for Australians to invite their parents to live with them in Australia. Out of seven, one visa stream is for those who don’t fulfill the balance of family test. The pathway is Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa Subclass 870, issued for three to five years with the applicant paying the application fee of 5,000 and $10,000 in two installments.

There are six visa pathways available for those who pass the balance of the family test, irrespective of whether they are in or outside Australia, age of parents, and funds availability.

Child Visa

A child visa is issued to the children of Australian residents or citizens. To be eligible, parents or legal guardians must sponsor their child to come and live with them in Australia.

One can apply for the child visa if:

  • Your child is under 18 years, a full-time student aged over 18, and under 25 and financially dependent on the parent, or over 18 and unable to work due to a disability.
  • They are single and dependent on the parent
  • They are outside Australia at the time of application submission

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