H-1B cap registrations

H-1B quota registrations have increased by 57% to 4.83 lakh for fiscal 2023

For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has accepted 483,927 H-1B cap registrations, a 57 percent increase over the fiscal 2022 filing season.

USCIS has chosen 127,600 registrations (26 percent of total registrations received) to fulfill the H-1B quota — numerous factors such as the sponsoring company not completing the visa filing procedure and the probability of visa rejection are considered.

Immigration law firm Berry Appleman & Leiden reports that USCIS received more registrations for the initial lottery this year than last when it selected 87,500 registrations and conducted another two lotteries.

Approximately 85,000 H-1B visas are issued annually (including 20,000 visas issued under the master’s ceiling to recipients with advanced degrees from US colleges).

In addition, 48,000 prospective filers registered for fiscal 2023 filings, with the master’s cap representing nearly 31% of eligible registrations.

Employers who have had their registrations accepted must file visa applications by June 30 – the end of the filing season. It will be followed by application processing, which may include requesting additional information if necessary. Starting on October 1, the chosen beneficiaries (H-1B cap workers) will be able to work in the United States under this visa.

A second lottery could be held if the number of visa applications acknowledged by June 30 falls short of the yearly cap for fiscal 2023.

The H-1B registration process was first introduced in 2020. Sponsoring companies that want to hire H-1B cap employees (known as beneficiaries) must first undergo an online registration process that includes minimal information about the potential employee. A lottery (or random selection process) is held, and H-1B cap visa applications must be made exclusively for the chosen beneficiaries.

USCIS received 308,613 H-1B cap registrations for the fiscal year 2022, but only 87,500 were chosen – the number needed to meet the yearly quota. Due to low submission volumes, a second lottery was held in July 2021 based on the original registrations, and an additional 27,717 registrations were chosen. In November 2021, a third lottery was born, with an additional 16,752 registrations chosen.

H-1B Electronic Registration Process

Petitions applicants (also known as registrants) and their authorized representatives who want to hire H-1B employees subject to the cap must go through this process, which requires only minimal information on the prospective petitioner and each desired worker. USCIS opens an initial registration period for at least 14 calendar days each fiscal year. The H-1B selection procedure will subsequently be carried out based on correctly submitted electronic registrations. Only individuals with specific registrations will be able to file cap-subject H-1B applications.

Selections will occur after the original registration period expires; therefore, it is unnecessary to register on the first day it opens.

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