Canada Graduates should keep their application ready to apply for PR Despite Filled Quota

Canada Graduates should keep their application ready to apply for PR Despite Filled Quota

On 6th May, Canada launched a new permanent residence (PR) pathway for international students who have graduated from Canadian institutions and are currently residing in the country. Only 40,000 applications could be accepted under this stream, and the quota was reached within 25 hours of opening. It was the most popular of the six new Canada PR Visa pathways for international students and essential workers launched by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Although the application limit has been reached, international students who could not apply due to lack of language test results, delays in fee payment, insufficient work experience, or unawareness may still stand a chance. This is because once IRCC begins reviewing the applications, ineligible candidates will be lost their spot. When this happens, other qualified international graduates can take up these vacant spots. For instance, when some candidates who were invited to apply for the Parents and Grandparents Program lottery this year decided not to submit their applications, IRCC invited new candidates. The International Graduates Stream filled its quota instantly because of the high number of international students in Canada. Still, some of these students would also have applied for the essential worker stream. If IRCC decides to process such applicants under the essential worker stream, more spots could become available to other international graduates.

Also, if the essential worker stream does not reach its quota of 50,000 applications, IRCC could add extra spots for the International Graduate Stream. In addition, if more occupations become eligible for the essential worker stream, some international graduates could become eligible for that stream. To take advantage of these possibilities, international graduates should attempt to enhance their eligibility over the next few weeks by updating documents and appearing for language tests.

If the pathway reopens, these graduates could have a better chance of attaining permanent residence in Canada. Besides, other PR pathways, including the Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs, are still open to international graduates. Whether you intend to wait for the temporary path to reopen or apply for an alternative program, it is advisable to seek authentic guidance from reliable consultants – by contacting 8595338595 or [email protected]


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