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Canada is working professionals’ first choice to migrate

In a recent survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group, Canada has surpassed the United States of America to become the top choice of the people willing to move abroad for work. The respondents belonged to 190 different nations. The primary reasons contributing to this skewed pattern towards Canada Immigration are the response towards the COVID-19 pandemic, the nationalist stance of US policies, and social disturbances in the USA.

Those who are looking forward to moving abroad for work have considered the countries that have performed well in containing the impact of Coronavirus. Canada has done a commendable job in controlling the spread of the virus to a large extent, minimizing casualties and imposing restrictions timely while also providing support to all the society sections, including the new migrants and international students.

The impact of the COVID-19 response was the most significant factor as Italy, and Spain (severely impacted nations in the initial stage) found no mention in the top 10 list of the countries. Similarly, countries like New Zealand and Singapore were highly regarded because of their extraordinary achievements in fighting the virus.

However, when choosing a country to work from home, the USA gained the top spot. It means that if allowed to work for a foreign company from home, then most people would work for a firm in the USA. Canada was on the second spot in this category, along with Australia. The new “work from home” culture has encouraged people to expand their career opportunities to work abroad without actually moving abroad.

While Canada has been benefitted because of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, there has been a change in the immigration policies with the new US administration. If the immigration resumes like before in the USA, it could pose a challenge to Canada’s dramatic immigration targets for the coming years.

Nevertheless, there has been a significant shift of working professionals to Canada instead of the USA for a stable and peaceful life. The standard of life and quality of the essentials like healthcare and education are par with Canada’s most advanced countries. Therefore, the explicit charm to migrate to Canada will continue to retain its stature among the migrants, especially Indians.

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