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What are the rights and freedom of Canadian Residency?

It is not an unknown fact that Canada is a country of unlimited perks and benefits. The Canada PR Visa holders and citizens enjoy plenty of social services and freedom than third-world country residents can ever fathom. The quality of life, fundamental rights, and freedom enjoyed by its residents make the country very different. There is no denying that Canada remains Number one destination for immigration and overseas education.

What are the fundamental rights under the Canadian Federal and Provincial laws?

  • Freedom to express your opinions and beliefs
  • Freedom to associate with anyone and gather peacefully with other people
  • Freedom to practice any religion
  • Right to live anywhere in Canada
  • Right to protection from unlawful or unjust arrest or detention by the Canadian Government
  • Right to exercise the due legal process under Canadian law
  • Right to have the protection of the law without discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability
  • Right to equality for same rights to women and men
  • Right to marry a same-sex partner
  • Access to education, healthcare, jobs, housing, social services, and pensions

What are the responsibilities for the newcomers?

  • Must respect and follow Canadian laws and virtues
  • Learn the official language of Canada, such as English, French, or both languages
  • Be employed to take care of yourself and your family and contribute to the economy
  • Maintain community integration and help others in your society
  • Protect Canada’s cultural heritage and natural environment
  • Respect equality of men and women and do not engage in violence related to Spousal or partner abuse, violence based on “honor,” forced marriage, other gender-based violence


What are the rights and duties of a Canadian Citizen?

  • You can vote in Federal and provincial elections
  • Become a candidate in the elections
  • Work in higher authority or hold a public office
  • Get a Canada Citizenship passport with visa-free access to around 190 countries
  • Enter and leave the country without any restrictions
  • The legal duty to serve on a jury if called to do so
  • You can serve in the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, or Royal Canadian Air Force.

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