Canada Startup Visa – Best Migration Path for businessmen

Interest to immigrate to Canada, amongst businessmen, self-employed and investors has been going up since last few years. Most would like to immigrate under the Quebec Immigrate investor program but very high net worth, investment, and extensive documentation requirements and high finance costs means that not everyone can qualify. Various provinces offer programs for entrepreneurs to file their applications but conditional visa status are initially offered and Canada PR status is received in due course.

From that perspective, Canada Startup visa program is getting lots of attention. Program offers following key advantages:

•   Faster application processing time.

•   Unconditional permanent residence visa.

•   Permission to live anywhere in Canada.

•  Low IELTS score requirements

•  Entitled to all social security benefits including highly subsidised higher education for children and free medical facilities.

•   No minimum Educational, Net worth, Income and Investment requirements.

A Canada Start-up visa application is not just another category. It requires skills of an experienced visa consultant.

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