Canada Temporary Resident Permit – family violence victims

On July 26th 2019, Canada has taken a revolutionary decision to empower the newcomers to Canada who are undergoing family violence with a provision of fee-exempt Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) providing them Canadian Immigration Legal Status.

With this new rule in effect, the victims of the family violence can now apply for a Temporary Resident Permit that also extends access to the fee-exempt work permit and Provisional Federal Health Program (IFHP) coverage. As per the official statement, the objective of the new rule is to provide protection for vulnerable foreign nationals who are victims of family violence or impacted by it, by regularizing their status in Canada, when appropriate.

Who can apply for this Temporary Resident Permit?

  • The applicants of the family class or spouse or common-law partner under Canada class (SCLPC class) who
  • Either already left their sponsor/spouse due to violence or abuse
  • Or, not yet left their sponsor/spouse due to fear of losing their Canada immigration status
  • Applicants whose applicants could not be assessed for Canada Permanent Residence due to the withdrawal of their family class or SCLPC Class Sponsorship from their sponsor (abusive spouse or common law partner)
  • The individuals who have been cheated and misinformed regarding their family class or SCLPC class permanent residence application submission by their abusive spouse or common-law partner.


Dependent children of victims of family violence who are residing in Canada, are also eligible for the family violence TRP.

What are the benefits one can avail under the family violence TRP?

  • Health coverage – The applicants who are not covered by any public or private health insurance plan, will be eligible for health-care benefits under the IFHP which covers:
    • Basic Coverage (Hospital Services and Physician Care)
    • Supplemental Coverage (Urgent Dental and Vision Care and mental health counselling)
    • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Work Permits – TheTRP is valid for minimum 180 days that allows the applicants to be eligible to apply for the fee-exempt open work permit. The work permit application should be processed by the local IRCC office while applying for the TRP application.
  • Other available measures – There are many associated privileges under the rule which includes:
    • Extending or renewing the existing temporary status (work Visa, study Visa, or visitor status) if they have status in Canada
    • They can submit an economic class application
    • Apply for a general TRP
    • Apply for Canada PR Visa under H&C considerations

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If you are a victim of family abuse in Canada, leave your worries aside and stand up to your fundamental rights. Take advantage of this new provision and make your life comfortable without fear.

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