Canadians are Immune to Trump’s Temporary Work Visa Bans

The Trump administration has cleared on Monday that it is extending a ban and putting immigration restrictions on H1B, L1 H4 visas, H2B, and J1 visa, and several other non-immigrant visa categories. President Donald Trump has unveiled a number of immigration restrictions to help millions of Americans hit by the pandemic and protect jobs for Americans. The President says that move to impose visas restrictions for overseas professionals until the year end will protect the lives as well as jobs for American citizens.

The move has been criticised extensively by big businesses, and thus creating a lot of confusion and distress among thousands of people trying to chase their American dream for many years. Amid this hopelessness and fear, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so dreamers can count on that light.

The good news is that, Canadians are not included in this order. This means that if you are citizen of Canada, you’ll not be affected by the Trump’s decision. You know why? Because Canadians are not required to apply for a visa to enter the United States. They can simply apply for a ‘Work Status’ at the Port of Entry, which ultimately allows you to work in the United States as a citizen of Canada.

How Canadians Can Cross the US Boarder and Get a Work Status

 The greatest benefit of being a Canadian aspiring to work in the US is that they have a plethora of work visa options to choose from.  Some of them are described as follows:

  • TN Visa
  • L-1 Visa
  • E-2 Visa
  • And many more.

The L-1 Visa, which is restricted to foreign workers till the ban is over, the suspension does not apply on Canadians as they don’t need a work visa to enter the United States.

For many people who aren’t Canadian citizens or even permanent resident, living the American dream might be a bit difficult due to the current circumstances. But, they can always look at the brighter side and kick-start their process of migrating to Canada first and then move to the US.

  • In order to immigrate to Canada, you can first hire a professional migration consultant who can tell you the ins and outs of the process and suggests you the most suitable visa option.
  • There are many pathways available for skilled professionals looking for relocation solutions in Canada. From Express Entry to Provincial Nomination to Start-up visa, there is absolutely no dearth of visa streams through which you can easily migrate to Canada as a PR holder and then apply for a citizenship, which will ultimately lead you to the US.

If you want to migrate to Canada, book a free consultation with us today and our professional and experienced team will recommend the best pathway based on your individual skills, leaving no stone unturned.

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