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Common Canada Job Offer Scams

Having a job offer when planning to migrate to Canada is very beneficial – and the fact that Canada’s labor market faces several skills shortages makes it possible to access an offer of employment. Most immigrants explore and exhaust every option for obtaining a valid Canada Job Offer as easily and quickly as possible. However, in the process, many become victims of fraud. To protect themselves, aspiring immigrants should be aware of some common job offer scams.

As reported by the Canadian police, the most widespread scam is fake companies creating false websites that look very similar to legitimate companies’ websites. They back it up with fake social media profiles and other relevant information on the ‘organization,’ and bank deposit forms look real.

These companies seek out your resume and professional profile on job search websites such as LinkedIn or Monster and reach out claiming to be a recruitment agency or consultancy. They check if you are available for an interview and ask how you want the interview to be conducted. Usually, they will prefer an IM-based interview instead of a video chat. This is a red flag.

The interview process will usually be short and straightforward. Following this, they make a professional job offer and may even offer to sponsor the job seeker for Canada Immigration. They will swiftly send employment forms, unlike real companies that interview multiple candidates and take a long time before making an offer.

Once you enter your banking and personal information in the form, they will request you to deposit a certain amount into their bank account to secure the job offer. They will try to convince you by making it seem like this is the fee payable for sourcing the job or saying that the company may pay back the deposit once you begin working.

To buy more time, they might even provide an offer of employment for your immigration application. If you attach this offer of employment to your Canada PR visa application, the authorities will notice it is fake. The department may reject your application and may ban you from applying for immigration for five years.

Believing the false claims of such illegitimate recruiters can thus have a devastating impact on your immigration plans. It is necessary to be wary of such scams and avoid consultancies that guarantee a Canada Job Offer or a PR visa. Instead, you must invest your money and faith in consultancies that offer authorized representation as per international regulatory requirements. To consult legitimate immigration professionals and lawfully pursue the visa process, contact us at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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