How to spot a Fake Canadian Job Offer in 5 Easy Steps

It is no secret that Canada Immigration is one of the most popular residency pathways in the world. Many skilled professionals and job seekers choose Canada for its abundant job opportunities and residency benefits. Out of desperation, they apply for and get job offers from unreliable sources. Many Canadian job offers turn out to be Fraud, or Fake Job Offers to exploit and deceit the aspirants.

Popular the destination, the greater the traps, and the higher the price.

How do you identify the fraudulency? How to measure the authenticity of the job offer?

 Let’s find the answer to the above questions in FIVE EASY STEPS:

  1. An unrealistic Salary / Remuneration


Most Canadian Job offers will mention a larger chunk of money as the Salary and attractive employee benefits that may not adhere to employment nature. Suppose the job offer is for a Marketing Executive with an annual salary of CAD 90,000 and the services such as paid airfare, free accommodation and holiday period.

At this moment, you need to identify the red flags. Check the official average Salary of a Marketing Executive in the Government’s portal Job Bank. You can validate that the mentioned Salary is greater than the national average. Secondly, the range of benefits for this marketing job is nothing but a lofty ideal.


  1. Employers ask for a higher fee for the work authorization process


 To attain jobs in Canada, you need to have a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval from the govt. Generally, Canada’s employers must follow complex government guidelines and pay mandated Government and legal charges to hire a foreign skilled professional. You need to ask yourself whether your employer in Canada would undergo the inconvenience of meeting regulatory formalities, costs, and legal charges to hire you. If the employer agrees to hire you and issue a job offer without even conducting a face-to-face interview, then here is your red flag. Finally, if the employer charges you a hefty amount for the process, you should avoid biting the bullet.

  1. Employer Contact details Missing or Incorrect


 As a thumb rule, all Job offer letters must have Employer Office Address, Website, and Contact Details. It becomes easy to identify the legitimacy of the company through three steps:

  • Phone No. – Check whether the telephone number’s area code corresponds to the business’s location. The company may include wrong numbers or disconnected numbers.
  • Website – You can also check the authenticity of the website by checking the webpages such as “Terms & Conditions,” “Privacy Policy,” “Refund Policy,” and “Disclaimer.” You can also check the URL Link of the company whether it’s a broken URL or not.
  • Email Address – Suppose you receive a job offer from with a representative/HR name as Daniel. Then, his official email should be [email protected]. If the name of the representative and company name does not match in the email, it’s a good indication of a scam.
  1. Incompetent language / Errors in the Job Offer


Suppose you are applying for a Canada PR Visa or applying for a job in Canada. In that case, you can always count on the professionalism and good English language command from the Authorities and genuine employers. If you find loads of grammatical, punctuation, misspellings, or language errors in the job offer, it indicates job offer fraudulency.

  1. Unconventional offer letter


 You can always check the conventional or current Job Offer formats on the internet. Even though the language would be different, but the structure is more or less the same. At first glance, you can discern a lack of authenticity in the job offer by the design, sentence making, formatting, fonts, bullets, graphics, or images. Genuine Canadian companies are instrumental in writing professional-looking offer letters that make them stand out from the fake offer letters.

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