Explaining: The cost of Living in Australia for an immigrant

If you have decided to migrate to Australia, you are going to experience a relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle, beautiful landscapes and nature’s artistry. The country is also known for warm and welcoming natives, which the immigrants find very helpful in adjusting to the new place. Australia has been one of the most prominent choice for immigrants because of its excellent standard of living and working conditions while securing a healthy and happy life for future generations.

While moving to Australia, you must have a fair idea of the cost of living of the city you are moving to. There are multiple factors that will come into account which determines the cost of living in a particular part of Australia. The rent or housing, food and groceries, utility charges such as electricity, gas etc. The other mandatory costs would be healthcare and remaining expenses would include your entertainment, fitness and other recreation depending upon your lifestyle and choices.

The major cities which people choose for Australia immigration are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide and these have higher cost of living as compared to other parts of the country. If we take average costs for a family living in Australia, it would be rounded up to nearly $4,500 a month, which includes dining and recreation along with the necessary expenses. The break-up of this amount is as below-

  • House Rent – $1,800
  • Other housing charges – $60
  • Schooling – $ 400
  • Car/ Transportation – $500
  • Food and groceries – $1,000
  • Dining / Restaurant Charges – $400 (assuming once a week)
  • Sports and Recreation – $ 250


These charges are calculated as the fixed charges that a family is bound to incur in a month. Above this, you may need to spend on medical treatment, in case you need to take some special treatment which is not covered in your Medicare. Medicare an insurance you would be entitled to as a permanent resident, which covers most of your medical expenses and the payment is taken care of through taxes.

Apart from this, you can also spend on new clothes or spending holidays in some far-off place or some unforeseen charges. With all of these in consideration, a household would require an average salary of $56,000 per year. This means that gross salary of the family should be $75,000 in Australia for a comfortable and relaxed life in an expensive city. And to add to your comfort, the average salary in Australia more than the amount. If you are skilled and have a decent job, you can very efficiently manage the expenses of your family and can save well enough for your future as well.

Therefore, while migrating to Australia, cost of living is not a hurdle provided you possess the skills to secure a job in Australia. The working conditions in Australia are world renowned and so, you would enjoy working in the country. To understand the immigration process and get started with your Australian immigration, consult Visaexperts, the trusted Australia immigration consultants who have the requisite expertise and experience to help you move to Australia successfully. You can approach them on +91 8595338595 and turn your dream of living in Australia a reality.

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