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Having a job in Canada is one of the greatest bliss in life for any job seekers in India. And, do you why Canada Immigration has become the most preferred immigration pathways in the world? Answer is simple – Abundance of Job Opportunities, low unemployment rate of 5.5% and average job securing period of 1 month to 3 months. Isn’t the statistics inspire you? We have more!!

If you are a Retail or wholesale trade manager (NOC 0621) wishing to find a job or settle in Canada, many thoughts can cross your mind like – what are my chances, what would be the pay scale, or which province would be best for you. As a leading Immigration consultancy, it is our duty and commitment to fulfill people’s chosen path and aspirations whether its job or immigration. Dive in to the below information and explore your immigration possibilities at your fingertips!!

What is the average Pay of Retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621) in Canada?

Retail Managers (NOC 0621):

Experienced and skilled Retail Managers on an average earn up to – CAD 47100. If we take province comparison against the occupation:

  • Saskatchewan – CAD 60,450
  • Alberta – CAD 53,763
  • British Columbia – CAD 52,650
  • Quebec – CAD 52,650
  • Ontario – CAD 47,551
  • New Brunswick – CAD 40,250


Wholesale Trade Managers (NOC 0621):

Experienced and skilled Retail Managers on an average earn up to – CAD 61000. If we take province comparison against the occupation:

  • Saskatchewan – CAD 64,550
  • Alberta – CAD 68,300
  • British Columbia – CAD 57,600
  • Quebec – CAD 60,900
  • Ontario – CAD 64,600
  • New Brunswick – CAD 49,800


What are the Job Duties and skills required for Retail and wholesale trade managers in Canada?

Job Duties for Retail and wholesale trade managers:

  • Retail and wholesale trade managers must have the capability to plan, organize and evaluate the entire operations of retail or wholesale firm.
  • Manage and administer the employees and allocate the daily responsibilities and tasks.
  • Conduct market research and trends to evaluate and study the consumer demand, potential sales and effect of competitors’ operations on the retail sale.
  • Strategize and implement effective marketing strategies to generate revenue
  • Devise monthly budgets, monitor expenditures and revenues
  • Prepare constructive plan to enhance customer service and respond to customer requests promptly


Skills required for Retail and wholesale trade managers:

  • Management – Allocating and Controlling Resources, Evaluating, Recruiting and Supervising.
  • Analysis – Analyzing Information, Planning and Projecting Outcomes
  • Communication – Interviewing, Negotiating and Adjudicating
  • Business, Finance and Management – Business Administration, Client Service, Marketing and Sales


What are my chances of immigrating to Canada as Retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621)?

Canada PNP is the arguably the faster way to attain the Canada Permanent Residency Permit for all the job seekers. Retail and wholesale trade managers are highly in-demand in many provinces of Canada. Thankfully, your NOC 0621 falls under PNP occupation lists, and now you can apply from below list of PNP for faster Canada Immigration:

  • Ontario Nominee Immigrant Program (ONIP) – Ontario is everyone’s bucket-list who wish to have successful career and this program offers a perfect opportunity to migrate to this prosperous province. The province is the commercial capital and technological hub of Canada, hence providing wholesome opportunities for all job seekers, especially Retailers and Wholesalers.
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – For those who are looking affordable living options with great employment opportunities, SINP would be great choice for you. Thankfully, your occupation is in-demand in Saskatchewan but you need to qualify for the points assessment criteria.

Random Opinion – Some say, it’s a dream to work in Canada and some argue to stay indoors even after lockdown leaving all their dreams inside a box.

What we say – Don’t leave your dreams in a hanger, step up and fulfill your destiny in Canada. Apply for the Canada PR Visa now, and move to Canada post Covid-19 phase.


All the Retail and wholesale trade managers can dream of Canada Immigration in simple steps, all you need to do – Connect with us @ 8595338595 or write to [email protected], and let the Experts take it forward.

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