Finland targets Indian IT professionals to meet its labor demand

Finland targets Indian IT professionals to meet its labor demand

Constantly ranked at the top in the World Happiness Index, it can be expected that there must be a rush of people migrating to this happiest nation. However, on the contrary, the country is currently faced with labor shortages. It needs many people to settle in the country who can meet the economy’s demands to make up for the retiring population.

As per the United Nations, the country is second only to Japan in terms of an aging population, and by 2030, the old-age dependency ratio will rise to 47.5. In such a scenario, the authorities have determined that the country must focus on robust skilled immigration to maintain the economy and development. The expected numbers of immigrants are 20,000 to 30,000 each year.

Undoubtedly, Finland is an ideal destination for anybody as it has the least corruption, crime, and pollution and offers the quality of life, gender equality, and peace. Finland is always at the top of most human capital-related indexes worldwide. However, the negative sentiment towards outsiders has discouraged immigrants from entering the nation.

Presently, when the businesses have come to a point when they need talented and skilled youth to do the work, the need for immigration has come to the forefront. The country is now looking forward to making it attractive to the immigrants by offering opportunities to migrate through friendly pathways. Faced with the OECD’s most significant labor shortage, Finnish start-ups are rooting for joint career sites to approach overseas talent.

As far as IT professionals are concerned, India is considered one of the top countries with a large talent pool. Many Indians have created their names worldwide in the technology sector and rose to the top positions in tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. The challenge with Finland is that it has to be more adaptive towards the outsiders and immigrants to adjust to the weather, language, and culture.

With this news coming from Finland, it becomes clear that all the top-notch countries are searching for deserving immigration who can put their skills to the betterment of these countries and contribute to their population. Canada is already focused upon immigration, offering Canada PR in large numbers every year. Therefore, it is the best time to plan for immigration to your favorite destination.

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