The five competitive occupations in Australia for immigrants

The five competitive occupations in Australia for immigrants

It takes to be talented, patient, and extremely lucky to find jobs in Australia as a migrant. While it is a dream for many Indians to shift to Australia as permanent residents, the process is a lot more than what meets the eye. Undoubtedly, the lifestyle in Australia is definitely worth the challenges one goes through while applying. Still, an expert’s guidance becomes essential when you opt for something as competitive as Australian immigration.

Listed below are the most competitive and in-demand occupations in Australia that many migrants are eyeing –

  1. Accountants (ANZSCO 221111)
  2. Software Engineers (ANZSCO 261313)
  3. External Auditors (ANZSCO 221213)
  4. Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO 233512)
  5. ICT Business Analyst (ANZSCO 261111)

Due to the fierce competition, the Expression of Interest (EOIs) submitted under these occupations is relatively high compared to the number of invitations. While the minimum points required to qualify for the Australia skilled immigration is 65, the chance of getting an invitation under these occupations is possible only if the candidate is scoring extremely high points, as much as 95 and above.

It is better to calculate your scores on the Australia PR points calculator to have a rough idea of your possibilities and increase the scores. At present, if you are gaining an Australian qualification remotely can be of great help. Although, taking the service from an expert immigration consultant will give you insights into the number of pathways and the ways to maximize your scores in ways you might not be aware of. They will be your best guide to strategize your plan to obtain Australia PR successfully. Contact India’s most seasoned immigration consultants at 8595338595 or [email protected]. 

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