How much to invest in Australia to get PR

How much to invest in Australia to get PR?

Business immigration programs allow successful business owners, foreign investors, senior executives, and immigrant entrepreneurs to migrate to Australia in pursuit of conducting business activities there. Australia offers a range of business and investor visas to foreign nationals who want to set up a new or buy an existing business in Australia in exchange for permanent residency and excellent quality of life.

Thousands of HNWIs from India move to Australia to move their business skills beyond borders. The Australian business visa programs have multiple sub-categories, inviting investors to launch their businesses in Australia. The best part is that you can apply for permanent residency in Australia and eventually citizenship after some years.

Investors can choose from one of the following business migration streams:

188A Visa – Business Innovation & Investment Visa (Provisional)

This business visa pathway is created for investors and business owners seeking to establish or invest in a business in Australia. This is a temporary visa with particular permanent residency pathways.

The streams available under the Business Innovation & Investment Visa (Provisional) are described below:

188A Visa – Business Innovation Stream

The Australia subclass 188 visa is for those who want to set up a new or buy an existing business in Australia. Applicants must be nominated by an Australian state or a territory agency to have this visa and satisfy the points test. The subclass 188A visa is valid for five years, and the visa holder may apply for permanent residency after three years.


  • Operate a new or buy an existing business in Australia.
  • Stay in Australia for up to 5 years.
  • Bring eligible members with you to Australia.
  • Apply for a permanent Business Innovation and
  • Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) in the Business Innovation stream.


188B Visa – Investor Stream

The 188B investor visa stream is a temporary residency visa issued for five years. The pathway is suited for individuals who want to make a designated investment of at least AUD 2.5 million. Additionally, they must hold the investment for at least three years before applying for permanent residency through a subclass 888B visa.


  • Conduct business and investment activities in Australia
  • Live in Australia for up to five years
  • Enjoy unrestricted work and study rights
  • Travel in and out of Australia for five years
  • Your family members can join you in Australia
  • Apply for a permanent Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) in the Business Innovation stream.


188C Visa – Significant Investor Stream

This is a 5-year provisional visa for individuals who want to invest at least AUD 5 million in Australia as part of 188 visa Australia requirements. After maintaining the investment for four years, the applicant becomes eligible to apply for permanent residence via subclass 888 visa.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • This pathway has no age limit, so anyone can apply
  • Nominated by the state government or territory agency
  • The applicant must show assets of at least AUD 5 million.
  • Must invest AUD 5 million into complying investments for up to five years
  • Have a genuine commitment to live in the nominating state after the issuance of 188C visa.


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