How to get extra points for Permanent Residency?

How to get extra points for Permanent Residency?

Albeit the virus, Australia has always recorded high immigration levels, because of the large range of long term facilities and benefits that the country offers for the comfortable transition of immigrants who enter the country via the path of Australia skilled migration.

Not only are you exposed to some of the best weathers all around the year, but via permanent residency and an ideal Australia PR Points score, one can apply for citizenship as well, making it much easier to be able to enjoy full-fledged rights and facilities anywhere in Australia.

And, one very strong reason to get an Australia PR Visa is the ever progressive economic freedom and progress coupled with development, making it an ideal breeding ground of job potential, that you can ceaselessly explore.

One very helpful way to do this is to be positively updated with the SOL list Australia A also called the skilled employment list. This charts out the top most in demand occupations, whose vacancies are waiting to be filled, as there is a lack of local labor who do not have the sufficient skills to fill the same position.

But there are times when despite wanting to move to Australia via Subclass 189 Visa(Skilled Independent) or Subclass 190 visa (Skilled Nominated) you do not get the required Australia PR Points to even qualify for any of these immigration point based pathways. Here are some ways you can get extra points for getting an easy permanent residency:

  1. Get a higher qualification such as Masters or Ph.D. degree or a doctoral degree to increase your points as it can help you can 15 to 20 points on the GSM point system.
  2. If you have studied in Australia you can apply for the Visa Subclass 485 also known as the Temporary Graduate Visa. Under this category called the post-study work stream and graduate work stream. The post study one permits you to work in Australia for a duration of 2 to 4 years, whereas graduate stream permits you do job for 18 months. At this time you can improve your language skills as well as gain work experience which can as a result help you gain points on the GSM point system.
  3. You can retake these language proficiency tests to increase your Australia PR visa scores as the Australian Department of Home Affairs advises for a 7 IELTS scores in each of the bands that can be difficult to achieve for some applicants. But with proper IELTS coaching services and self-help books, online mock tests you can sure to improve over time and get the desired results.
  4. As a student if you have finished your Australian Study Requirement of 2 years in a regional area of Australia you are qualified for an extra 5 points.
  5. Consider an ideal age to apply as it will help you gain or lose points. If at the time of applying for the Australia PR visa you are aged between 25 to 32 you can obtain the highest 30 point score whereas above 45 if you are, then no points are awarded.
  6. You can complete your PYP which is basically a professional development program that blends education and work experience. Via this, not only do you get work experience from Australia but an additional of 5 points.

Once you get entry via any of these categories and an ideal Australia PR points score, you can enjoy many Australia Immigration Benefits such as subsidized education till the age of 18 after which you can be a part of some of the best universities, a state of the art healthcare system and medical services as well as other social security perks such as unemployment allowance, childcare, disability as well as maternity benefits amongst many others. Need more information on How get extra points for Permanent Residency? Get in touch with our certified immigration consultants by ringing us at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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