Landing in Canada during COVID-19

Landing in Canada during COVID-19

The deadly and life impacting COVID-19 has cost the lives of many due to which economies as well as international travel all over the world has been impacted in a major way. To this Canada has been no exception, with many hopeful immigrants who had applied via Canada Express entry through economic class programs stuck back home.

But now, the situation has improved and many migrants can now enter Canada, in a landscape which has undergone manifold changes due to the pandemic looming above. Economy is one of the aspects which has been impacted because of the dearth of skilled workers who used to come from overseas.

This has led to the government of Canada adjusting their immigration plan to suit the migrants and the crisis on the same level by sending out Canada invitation to apply to high scoring applicants. But, with this crisis Canada is in need for immigrants more than ever to save its debilitating economic condition.

This is the reason those who have applied via the EE route, provincial nominee programs or business visas will receive a quicker Canada invitation to apply from the Canadian immigration department. The nation aims to invite over 300,000 immigrants each year to achieve their target and tackle the demographic challenges.

For those who want to Immigrate to Canada from India, owing to the fact that they are in majority when it comes to skilled professionals settled in many Canadian provinces, it is an opportunity as permanent residency in Canada will open many doors for them in terms of settlement and employment opportunities.

With medical services covered and a range of social security services such as employment insurance, unemployment allowance, maternity, disability as well as child aid and support and family related perks, there is less to worry. Immigration via Canada Express Entry at this time will be the main driving force behind the population growth in Canada which has been facing some of the lowest birth rates in the world, and COVID-19 has just worsened it.

At this time, it will be a tremendous opportunity for those who want to Immigrate to Canada from India to experience growth and potential in a country with a high quality of living and some of the safest and secure environments for you to settle along with your families. Need to know more about Landing in Canada during COVID-19? Get in touch with our certified immigration consultants by ringing us at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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