How to identify fake Canadian job offers

With the increasing aspirations of people to earn and settle in Canada, they tend to fall into the trap of fraudsters who dupe people in the name of legitimate Canadian job offer, which in reality is a scam. A job offer from Canada is highly sought after as a gateway for Canada immigration, therefore, you must refrain from becoming a prey to such dishonest individuals, who hunt for the foreign nationals searching for a job in Canada.

However, with cautious approach, you can identify such ambiguous tactics targeting job seekers or seekers of financial opportunity in Canada. Some of the important warning signs are:

Discrepancy in Salary and Benefits offered as per the job

You must raise objections if the compensation offered in the offer letter is too high for the nature of the job. The average salary for any particular occupation can be confirmed by Canadian Government’s job bank site.

You should realize that extra-ordinary benefits and inflated salary are the baits to attract naïve job seekers. Some commonly stated extravagant benefits in these fake job offers are paid airfare from country of origin, free of cost accommodation and some unrealistic holidays.

An amount is claimed in the name of employment

If a company promises you employment voluntarily without conducting a one-on-one interview assuring that the work authorization has been done, in all probabilities it is a fake job offer. The reason being, in Canada it is not possible for an employer to obtain work permit without the involvement of the prospective employee of the foreign nation.

Also, the fee charged in the context of a fake offer letter is usually quiet high as compared to the normal charges of obtaining a work permit. The Government charges a fee of $155 for work permit application and if your employer is charging you in excess, then ambiguity is certain.

Employer contact information is misleading

If you are not convinced by the information furnished by the employer, then you must cross-check the details. For example, if the telephone number is unresponsive or the area code of telephone number does not correspond to the location of the business, it is a clear indication of some fallacy.

An e-mail id could also be used to recognize a fake offer letter. The e-mail address of the employer must have the domain name exactly similar to that of the company’s website name. Even if there is a minute difference between both of them, the offer letter stands a chance of being forged.

Language and appearance of offer letter is odd

You can gauge the authenticity of a job offer letter from Canada through its overall appearance and the quality of language used. Errors in text of the job letter, misleading statements or some grammatical errors and misspelled words question the legitimacy of the document, as valid employers in Canada are expected to have good command over the language.

Also, the Canadian companies are efficient in drafting professional job offer letters. If you find that the formatting, graphics, images and the appearance is weird, then this raises a doubt upon the authenticity of the offer letter.

Lastly, if you are not sure of your offer letter in any way, the best option is to consult reputed and experienced immigration consultants for Canada. They can guide you better as they are well-versed with the procedures of Canadian Government on giving work permit to foreign nationals and have dealt with other immigrants with job offers. Conclusively, you must not accept any such job offer in haste without a comprehensive research and consultation that you may repent later, having lost your valuable money and personal information to fraudsters.

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