Know all about the Invitation Letter for a US visitor visa

Know all about the Invitation Letter for a US visitor visa

Want to visit the USA for that long-awaited trip of yours to some of the fantastic destinations? Many of us have either one of our relatives or friends residing in the US as a citizen. If you plan to make that trip, you can ask them who can pen down an Invitation letter as a formal invitation to welcome you to their home as a legal resident or citizen of the USA.

Your legal cost, in this case, your friend or relative in the form of an Invitation letter, bears witness to the fact that they can accommodate you and your family when you come to the US in their very own residence. And, it also certifies that you will return to your country when the visit duration is over.

This letter is not essential when it comes to the applicant being granted the US visitor visa. For getting a visitor visa to the USA, the applicant should complete all the eligibility requirements for a US visa.

For this, they should be able to provide proof denoting their strong links to their country of origin and residence, evidence of funds indicating their ability to financially sustain themselves for them to be able to pass through the application process for a US visa.

What Contents to Present in your Letter of Invitation?

Main things to include in your Invitation – name and complete address of yours and recipient. Like the format below:

  • Mention the intention behind the visit clearly and the places you are looking forward to visiting in the US.
  • Duration of how long your visitor plans to reside and the place you have arranged to stay during their visit.
  • The number of expenses to be covered by you on their behalf during their stay in the US
  • Also, whether you will cover their transportation charges to and from the US

For the application to be smooth, every little detail of their visit to the US should be mentioned clearly by you when you decide to write their Letter of Invitation to the US. You Can Contact us at +91 8595338595 Or [email protected]

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